Think Tank Session FPV Backpack - 2018 Review

By Whiffles on Jul 31, 2018

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The Think Tank FPV Session is among the premier FPV backpacks. From its quality materials to its accessible design its a great pack for day to day use. The FPV Session is the little brother to the ThinkTank FPV Helipak which I reviewed earlier this year. It's smaller and geared more toward a day trip, but Think Tank managed to fit quite a lot of utility into this pack.

Build Quality

Like the FPV Helipak the quality is top notch. It features a 420D high-density nylon fabric shell which was designed for military parachute backpacks. The zippers are YKK RC Fuse zippers which are specifically designed to resist abrasion and failure. Inside the pack are a series of adjustable dividers to keep your gear organized. They're padded and offer slots for tools. Compared to the Helipak these dividers don't offer as much padding, but I prefer them as they don't snag my tools.

The shoulder straps and back are well padded and use a thin breatheable fabric. I appreciate all the added touches like the strings on the zippers and the chest and waist buckles to balance the weight of the pack. This is certainly a high quality pack.

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Easy Access

What I love the most about this pack is the access. Rather than reaching into a deep, dark compartment you can lie it down and open it up like a buffet. The front works like a lid and unzips all the way to the bottom. You just flip it open and you've got access to anything you need. All I did to alter the layout was remove the bottom-most divider as I found it unnecessary. Otherwise the default layout is great.


The main problem I have with the FPV Helipak is the size and weight. Fully loaded it's a major strain on my back. Now I can't fault the bag so much as myself for overloading it, but the Session is a much leaner bag. Fully loaded it can create some strain, but the chest and waist straps reduce the strain significantly. It's a fairly thin pack, so it slides into tight spaces and offers a much better day-to-day experience than the FPV Helipak.

Extra Features

Other than accessibility and portability this pack offers a number of other features. It has slots for both a water bottle and a tripod on either side. It comes with a rain cover and offers a series clips along the front to hang a number of quads outside the bag. Inside there are several tool slots and a well protected laptop compartment. Compared to the Helipak this is a much more secure space for a laptop. And finally the front flap has a few extra pockets for knick-nacks. I've been using this as both my FPV pack and travel pack and it's been great for both. I can carry my laptop, cables, camera, etc. as well as my quad gear. It's a versatile pack.

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What Fits?

With the trend toward more compact gear this pack is the perfect size. If you've got an X-Lite and a standard set of FPV goggles you'll have plenty of extra space. In fact you can still fit a couple quads inside without the props. Here's a list of a few items I managed to fit into this bag at once:

  • FrSky X-Lite
  • Aomway Commander V2 (with case)
  • 5" quad with props removed
  • Brushed 7mm quad
  • iSDT charger and power supply
  • 15.4" Macbook Pro and power supply
  • Sony RX100 camera
  • SJ RG01 passenger headset
  • Batteries
  • Tool kit
  • Water bottle

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Session vs Helipak

Now this is a tricky comparison. If you want to buy just one bag, which would it be? Both the Think Tank Session and the Think Tank Helipak serve different purposes. In fact, they compliment each other. The Helipak is great for long distance travel. You can pack enough gear to build a quad. In fact, I built this out of my Helipak when traveling to Taiwan. The Helipak also offers better protection for your gear. I'm comfortable sliding my FatSharks into the bag without their case, but I'm a bit more wary to do so in the Session.

The Session is great for day to day use. I even use it for non-FPV purposes. The compartmental layout is fantastic and makes it great for organizing photography equipment, cables and snacks. It's small and easy to manage. Personally, I use the Session much more than the Helipak.

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  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Accessible
  • Adjustable dividers
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Quality materials


  • Price
  • Lacks space
  • Thin outer material
  • Won't stand up on it's bottom
  • Handle could be thicker


This is a great overall backpack, but is it worth the money? At $150 it's certainly not cheap. This bag is really for those who appreciate a good quality of life. If you've got the money and you enjoy creature comforts then it's worth considering. It'll last many years and functions as both a general use backpack and an FPV pack. While there are cheaper options they just won't last as long. A couple alternative packs to consider are the Realacc FPV backpack or the DroneGuard CS 300. They'll both get the job done, but lack the same quality materials.

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obscuriosity   Oct 16, 2018  

currently on sale for $94.50 on B&H. I may have to pull the trigger

MrPistachios   Oct 25, 2018 

Just ordered mine from there as well, but I think this is the version without the laptop sleeve