Lennyp commented on a Build, Red & Violet   3 days ago  

i have been airbrushing and hydrodipping, vinyl wrapping frames ....what paint is that?....paint, clear? looks awsome

maulous   11 hours ago 

All paints I use is from "DNA Paints" https://www.dna-paints.com/
For this job I stated off with a base silver coat, then a candy colour coat "Purple", then I use a clear gloss to bring out a shine.

Really beautiful build and great write up - thanks! I've just built my first HDZero toothpick and am looking for a better canopy, as that glass lens looks very fragile sticking out of the front of the one I have 😬

sabrinabrooks commented on a Build, Another Glide   2 days ago  

looks great!

BaTTaN commented on a Build, Spark v3.1   3 days ago  

I have yet to do a fully printed frame build but noticed your build a while back and and I have saved one of your older versions in my print queue to build one up using surplus parts. I was wondering if you would be willing to do a frame with only the four hole motor mounting and no three hole mounting option. I ask only becuase I have had multiple builds break at the motor mounts that have all had the multi-hole motor mounting options?

Chrswn   2 days ago 

I think its funny that you mention this because I was thinking about it on the way home from work just a few days ago. I'll include a link to a 4 hole version that I made, but I have yet to test. I had contemplated make a version with only 3 (maybe only 2) holes since I never use all 4 screws to mount my motors. However, for now, here's a simple 4 hole version. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5529776

BaTTaN   2 days ago 

You rock man, Thanks! Yeah I plan to build one up and willl use larger 4 hole mounted motors. I've had three or four frames break that had the multi-mount option and really appreciate your efforts here. I’ve two builds in front of the Spark but will be sure to add it here as well as Thingyverse.

wrong17 commented on a Build, Drone CO Snapshot   2 days ago  

What is the dry weight of the quad, without the lipo and camera? You wrote that you quad weighed " 326g with an 850mah 4s and GoPro Hero 8." But that does not seem right.

Full GoPro 8: 126g
RDQ 850mah 4s Lipo: 100g

That would mean the quad weigh 100g, is that right?

I am building a SnapShot and wanted to see how much everyone else's quad weighs. Thanks!

Great looking quad! What printer do you use for your 3D prints? The quality looks great.

wrong17   3 days ago 

Thanks! I am using a Sovol SV01 3D Printer. The best thing about this printer is that it is all ready to go and do not need to upgrade anything.

Haggy38 commented on a Build, AOS 3.5 V2   3 days ago  


Im building a Aos 3.5 V2, how this motors are holding up? I was looking for a 1504, very few choioces, Brotherhobby 1504.5 3.900kv....... Undecided...

Madcatmike3d commented on a Build, Karearea Talon V2 (Nike Edition)   3 days ago  

WAIT just a second now... I came because of the Talon v2.. But I'm seeing an electric foam Slow Poke?? With fpv?? I didn't know they updated the Slow Poke! I built up a balsa slow poke with brushless electric components, and the same exact color scheme, in probably 2018. It's been hanging from the ceiling since.. But I didn't realize it's been updated. Super cool!! How did the paint hold up on the Karearea Talon V2?? I'm building one that I just got off RCG. Thinking about painting it.. Everything looks so stellar here!! Thank you!

Madcatmike3d   3 days ago 

Just read some of the other replies, and how the paint is holding up. I might try hydrodipping.. Great idea!

feej commented on a Build, Armattan Tadpole 2.5" HDZero   3 days ago  

Hey, nice build! Did you use a BEC between the VTX and the FC? Seems to be recommended for HDZero but the FC spec for this board doesn't mention anything about a built in BEC. Thanks!

Jeff_W FPV   3 days ago 

The VTX is running directly off Vbat . I mostly use a 2S lipo and have not had any problems. Now that the HDZero Whoop Lite VTX is available I'm considering using that on a 5V connection. I'm contacting BetaFPV support to find out what amperage the on-board 5V BEC of the FC can handle.

benjo commented on a Build, Armattan Tadpole HD - Mamba - DJI   4 days ago  

I love the antenna mount btw!

benjo commented on a Build, Armattan Tadpole HD - Mamba - DJI   4 days ago  

Nice build! Are you running BF4.1 or better? Do you recommend a filter or PIS preset? I'm running a similar build and I love it but I'm getting a little bit of wobble on the hard turns.

benjo commented on a Build, SubSonic   4 days ago  

Nice build! Are you running BF4.1 or better? Do you recommend a filter or PIS preset? I'm running a similar build and I love it but I'm getting a little bit of wobble on the hard turns.

polake_666 commented on a Build, ImpulseRC Apex Micro 4" 6S FETtec   4 days ago  

hy i love this build but my only issue is, i have always the message "WAITING FOR FC"
do i need smartaudio for this? i use a tbs sixty9 and like u the same fc, esc and osd board. any suggestions ^^

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, Manta 5 Avatar   19 days ago  

Did you print that adapter to mount your avatar in the back?

deadmoo   6 days ago 

But I have since found this better one. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5466198

Jodie Froster   4 days ago 

You are great! Tyvm

Do you know Chris Rosser's analysis of the Marmotte frame? If not see my BITON build. Perhaps it will help to fix the battery under the quad?
Reinforcing the arms should work. But you should fix the reinforcement somehow in the middle of the frame.

hi can I have you FB please. I have a Gecko 4inch 4mm and it fly greet, the noise only from 200-300hz and easly to filter. unlike that Gecko, my Marmotte is totally shit compared to Gecko, I have think about buy more buttom arm to make it double thick or make a 6mm arm version. What do you think?

antonio.krpina commented on a Build, Bangarang 4   4 days ago  

What flight time do you get?

h1nt3r1 commented on a Build, 1s 2.5" stealth ripper   6 days ago  

Nice build! Which Kv did you use in this build? (I guess that it is 12000 from the pics but I'm not sure)

PlatyFPV   5 days ago 

thanks dude, yeah 12000kv, I followed Kabab's recommendations and looked around here and it seems like the sweet spot for 1s 65mm.

RecifeStargazer commented on a Build, HDzero Rekon 7: the ultimate mountain cruiser!   5 days ago  

did you fly it?

Hey James, thanks so much for these builds you do! If you were to recommend only one of your cinewhoop builds to get parts for today, which would you recommend? The Slammed Squirt v2.1 HD 6s - 2205 2300kv - Caddx Vista?

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wrong17   7 days ago 

No Problem, good luck with your builds. Let me know if you have anymore questions. As for the Cinelog 35, that was the most difficult one to fly indoors. Plus, it is loudest so it is kind of intimidating. Check this out, I just finished this last night and did my first test flight right now: https://rotorbuilds.com/build/30081

georgesw   5 days ago 

Hey James, how are you liking this latest new build compared to the original 2205 2300kv squirt you liked?

wrong17   5 days ago 

I had a few other people built this same quad as I did with the 2205 2300KV motors and had trouble when using the same tune that I have on it. They were telling me that the motors are running hot and etc. So, I wanted to build another one with the same motors but different stack setup and see if I run in to the same problems. So, to answer your question...both builds feel the same. I did back-to-back flights between the quads and they both are practically identical.