Jokerman518 commented on a Build, Reptile Dragon II   3 hours ago  

Hay there did you have any issues with your air unit overheating? My buddy has the same setup and a air unit in the nose with the gopro hole open and still had the unit blackout on 25mw. We are thinking overheating.

Earlycheese commented on a Build, 13" Nasty495   1 day ago  

Very cool, happy with the F80s ?

MrMoon commented on a Build, Phantom / Tadpole HD 2.5 inch   1 day ago  

Looks good!!
Undecided between the Tadpole and Phantom frames for a 2.5" build (or something better if it exists). Analog for now and maybe HDZero when available in low weight options.
Having used both frames, which one is better or do you prefer?

h1nt3r1 commented on a Build, Sub 250g Opal 6"   2 days ago  

I was planning to build a ultralight 5" for freestyle with the Emax Eco II 2004 instead, aiming to be able to run on 4 or 6s, do you recommend changing to your suggested motor? I'm particularly a beginner to intermediate pilot, thanks in advance (and also for supplying my mind with so much builds below 250g)

Skyguy   2 days ago 

Unless you have all the other parts and know the exact weight and have a really specific thrust goal then no, not worth $5 more per motor. Dont have any eco 2004s but the reviews seem good. My Eco 2207s are smooth and eco 1404s have been relaible.

h1nt3r1   1 day ago 

I see, thanks for your opinion :)

kwtd commented on a Build, 6s Freestyle Beast   2 days ago  

Beautiful build!
I fly 6s on 2200's tmotor for months now.
Have an Tmotor p60a esc, but the real difference was an fettec spike absorber and 35v capacitor! ;)

Vandy_fpv commented on a Build, APPLY VIETNAM E VISA ONLINE   2 days ago  


BillyChandler commented on a Build, Tinyhawk Freestyle 2 Ultimate   2 days ago  

Thank you for the informative review. This makes the question of choice much easier

jakelegro_co commented on a Build, Street League 7” Race Build   2 days ago  

cosplay for drones lol !

Madcatmike3d commented on a Build, APPLY VIETNAM E VISA ONLINE   3 days ago  

That's a pretty ghetto quad.

Kingfisher commented on a Build, CineLog 35 HD   3 days ago  

doing a similar build. its is all together and have bind to my Radiomaster 16S Pro. however, i cant get it in the air. i have my flight control arrow to the the left of the camera whereas you have yours to the right. using betaflight, all motors spin the correct direction and are mounted in the correct location. this is my very first build. im 70 years old and and for the darn of me, i cant figure it out. you help would be greatly appreciated.

Madcatmike3d commented on a Build, 2Fiddy Ultralight 4" 6S   4 days ago  

Nice! I've built 2 of these 4" versions on 6s so far. They are so damn much fun. I didn't even think about throwing a Nebula Pro Nano in there.. I guess it would be just about as good as any other 120fps cam. I also have a regular 5" 2fiddy built up too, but run 4.5" props on it, and it's just about as good as the 4" versions.

shALKE   3 days ago 

I'm not 100% sure, but I think its the same boddy with smaller arms. So I can probably get larger arms and make it 5" :D

indus49 commented on a Build, AOS 5 V2 HDZero Freestyle VTX   12 days ago  

Dude those side panels make it, they are awesome. You should think about making more and selling them. Love it.

zwilmes   3 days ago 

Thank you! Coming from woodworking background I love to incorporate stuff like that. I have thought about making more, if there were a demand for them I could definitely make up some templates to shape them faster!

jasperfpv commented on a Build, Micro Alien Vista Conversion   3 days ago  

Such a great mod to bring HD to the Micro Alien. Looks great. I stopped flying mine after I built a Micro Apex 4 with Vista.

BigStuieWrong commented on a Build, Diatone Roma F5 Pinky   4 days ago  

Where did you get the 3D prints from?

Madcatmike3d commented on a Build, Meteor65 Pro 25kkv   4 days ago  

Ahh man, I want to see footage of this baby in action! I've wondered when people were going to start pushing the 35mm whoop platform. Super cool!

gvngoheavy   4 days ago 

sooooon. although im not really the best pilot, so not sure how much you will learn from dvr :)

recon commented on a Build, Triangle Y6 cinewhoop   4 days ago  

The buckets are classic. Love that! Feels like you need a pack of smokes in one of them

Synadex commented on a Build, AOS 3.5 - Sub250 DJI Beast   11 days ago  

Wow, I ordered my parts for this yesterday almost the same spec (except analogue) and the v2 frame. Cant wait!

nouxtywe   4 days ago 

you'll love it :)
I have added a new video flight I had the other day... really pleasant session!

kisselcj@gmail.com commented on a Build, Source One V4 7inch ( sub - 2306 )   4 days ago  

Great build, very clean.
Is that BT2.0 connector used to power the camera?

NyanCatFPV   4 days ago 

Yes. I uploaded two more pictures. Thank you.

nuhbiwan commented on a Build, Tinypick vs whoop pick   5 days ago  

Did you switch to another FC model?

rixx commented on a Build, Squirt v2 HD 6S w/ 2203.5 motors Cinewhoop   Apr 11, 2022  

awesome build! may I know what battery are you using? as I have a 1507 motor and running 1300mah and my motors are very hot and only have 2.5mins flight time

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wrong17   6 days ago 

hi, it depends on what KV motors you are running. The motors I am using are 2650kv, so that is best suited for a 6s lipo. Typical you would use 3800kv ish motors with 4s lipos.

rixx   6 days ago 

okay. i have 3600kv currently. and then i have set the motor_output_limit to work with 6s. so 1100mah 4s do you think will work okay with 3600kv? thanks for alot of help

wrong17   6 days ago 

Do not give up on those motors yet. Ideally you should use a 4s lipos and up to 1300mah with the 1507 3600kv motors. In the past, I was able to get about 10 minutes flight time with 1300mah 4s lipo and 1407 3600kv motors. Please keep in mind this it base on slow cruising speeds, and I had kept the quad as light as possible. What you should try first is different PIDs. Check out this build I have, Look in the image gallery, and on the bottom are 3 screen shots of the PIDs and ESC settings I did. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.... you have to use Betaflight 4.1.5!!!! I know it is an older firmware version but these PIDs are specific to that version of betaflight. Give that a try first, and see how it does. You can still use a motor output limit, but you might have to set that up on CLI. I do not recall if betaflight 4.1.5 had that in the GUI.