Apeian commented on a Build, SUB100g 5inch Ultra-light quad   12 hours ago  

Hey...another avenue you can look down is using gears. The old Blade 180qx used large props with brushed motors. Take a look at my old build here -

Going to take some more serious 3d designing though for the Brushless motor mounts, custom gears, etc... ;)

You could borrow some of the work already done on this from other modders:

truckz commented on a Build, Skittles - XEVO X210 Remix   16 hours ago  

this is super cool! I'm curious how the PLA will hold up to crashes and sun exposure.

Apeian   15 hours ago 

Thx bud! :D PLA is not the greatest in strength, so you have to use 100% infill and frames with cross braces are usually better. These comments were from the designer on this frame:
"Full Disclaimer: It definetly can take a beating, but it's not invincible so it is not recommend for absolut beginners in the FPV-hobby, unless you are willing to print the frame multiple times.

Speaking of Printing:

I had the best results with PC-ABS (compensate the shrinkage of abs by scaling the model to 100,8% in your slicer) or heat treated Pla (annealing PLA will cause the part to shrink along the x- and y-axis and grow in the z-direction, so you have to compensate by scaling the model in your slicer non proportional. For me the following values worked the best to get an accurate scale after annealing: x=102% y=102%, z=98%)

Stay away from PETG or any fiber filled materials, because they will most likely shatter on impact!

min. printbed area reqired for the frame: 190x190mm

(recommend area with brim: 200x200mm)"
As far as fading, yeah if ya let it roast in the sun it will...lol ;)

LynxFPV commented on a Build, Protected 3" pickpocket   Jan 30, 2023  

how well do you like the Fpvcycle motors on this size of build? love how neat an clean your build came out.

Scurvy_dave   17 hours ago 

they are very amazing. I was worried they'd have issues with the weight, but I can't really tell. I also get a solid 5 minutes of aggressive flying.

Glitsch commented on a Build, Dynam Messerschmitt Me-262   1 day ago  

What a disgusting advertising. You just copied all the text off of the homepage and there is not one build photo. No experience, nothing shared. We are not here for shopping.

Hi! How does it affect flight time as you gained some efficiency due to larger props but gained a lot weight?

wrong17   1 day ago 

Without a doubt you will get less efficiency due to weight increase, but the main point for this upgrade is the flight improvements and lower noise. If you plan to fly this quad like a DJI Mavic then this upgrade may not benefit you much. But if you want to fly it faster, you will see a noticeable increase in performance but with the cost of lower flight times. You are still able to get 12 minutes flight times when doing slow cruising and land before it hits 20%.

EZWiFi commented on a Build, 8520 Brushed 1S Teeny Tiny Trainer   2 days ago  

Where did you get those black motor mounts/ what are they called, so I can find other sources to buy or print?

latex commented on a Build, Nightpick2.5   2 days ago  

Awesome build! What is your weight and flight time?

Jodie Froster commented on a Build, SnappyChameleon   5 days ago  

What kv are your motors? Your build doesn't look heavy. The things that can make your quad not REALLY perform: bad batteries, low kv, or too much weight. If your packs are old, or they are frankenpacks, that's prolly what's up (just try a new pack, 1 flight will tell you, just borrow one). Otherwise, if it's NOT motor kv, you might have set your motor output too low?

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Rotorenpilot   5 days ago 

The pack looked good, the cells were all within 0.2 volts or so from another, but it's a cheap CNHL pack... I have a Tatuu R-line one I'll try when I get a chance.

Jodie Froster   3 days ago 

Is it doing anything "funky" in the air? I find the current betaflight is amazing for 5" on the stock tune (typically). I came up in the early days of betaflight, so I understand tuning, if you post a clip, or a good description I can probably help?
I remember ~5 years ago watching LeDrib "moonwalk" HUGE areas in one pulse of the throttle, and seeing that I could be getting MUCH more thrust/acceleration. I went on a quest through motors, frames, props, and batteries to get to that level. It took a well built 6s rig for me to get there, but MOSTLY good batteries. I have gotten that same zip from 4s on 3" and 4", but for a 5" rig you have to buy expensive batteries to get that same zip (like, $40+ per battery) and 6s will do the same on a $20-$25 battery.

Rotorenpilot   3 days ago 

It's not really acting "funky", now that I tried the R-line pack it actually flies really nice...one thing that surprised me a lil is the 74 amps it supposedly pulled on a max, with an ESC rated for 60A, but considering that just to be on punches I guess it's fine. Motors were not hot, it flew responsive and since I'm still such an inexperienced pilot I pretty much just fly betaflight presets.
I also watch the LeDrib videos and loooove the hangtime he gets.
This quad has some pretty decent hangtime given my pretty limited skill.

I'll share a DVR video, just let me try to get something watchable this weekend...I just watched my recording from yesterday and it is kinda boring...and it underlines that I'm just a very inexperienced pilot.

Mikerossi commented on a Build, Ethix CineRat 3" 6S DJI + GoPro   Aug 24, 2020  

Hi mate, could I know what are you filtering and pids?
I just finished building it and I just did a test fly for like 20 seconds and the motors are burning hot.
Xing 1507 2800kv
Im using 6s 1300mha( I know its super heavy) but should be fine as would be even heavier with a gopro 8 and 6s 850mha, and I have seen on YouTube people flying 1050 6s with gopro 8.

BirdIcap Drone   3 days ago 

I have a similar issue with mine - with 6s 1100mAh I only get about 2 minutes of flight time - motors super hot as well.
Unfortunate, as I used identical parts on a different frame and I got easily 5 minutes flight time.
Would very much appreciate to try out some other PID! =)

BearPants commented on a Build, Ummgawd 2fiddy 5", 4s, walksnail pushing the mid range   3 days ago  

Can I get those pid? :)

hi there.
i got nearly the same hardware but the flighttime and also the flightcharastistick is realy bad.
f2203.5 1500kv
jhemcu 40A AIO
gps etc

at the moment the rekon 5" frame but flighttime about 5min max with 6S 1300mAh with Gopro on top.

have u also a gopro mount for your frame and did u think i can reach 15min flighttime with this setup and your frame :-).
we can also write pm instead of this tread.

alwaysbless   27 days ago 

thats battery is way too big. shoukd be using a 6-800mah 6s max. A full sized go pro is also too heavy you need a light weight sub 50g cam.

yves1984   27 days ago 

so a LiIon will also be too havy?
what Lipo will you recomandace?

will try to do a gopro naked...

austntexan   4 days ago 

I don't think weight is a problem. I built this frame with 7" props, and flew it with a 3S2P 18650 pack (300g). My motors were T-Motor MN1806 1400kV, roughly the same weight as the 2203.5 1500kV. My longest flight time was 70 minutes. Used an old T-Motor CF 7x2.4.

SQunX commented on a Build, Buzzbee 2.3   5 days ago  

Hi, just curious.
those TPU cam mounts where you got them?
I designed some very similar once.
it would be funny if those are actually from me :)

Exactly share some video links too to help.

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choppergirl   5 days ago 

🦃 Happy Thanksgiving Rotorbuilds 🦃

choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack / Open-TX   May 13, 2021  
choppergirl   6 days ago 

wind_rapport commented on a Build, here   7 days ago  

Dak_4008 commented on a Build, 5" RDQ Source One Build   7 days ago  

Was the light show good?

Leo w. commented on a Build, InsanitY 75mm inverted Whoop   9 days ago  

Hey, Awesome build. Do you need to do something on JESC or can i only use Betaflight?

Leo w.   8 days ago 

so can i do it entirely only on betaflight?

Square One   8 days ago 

well the only thing i did with jesc was change motor direction, but i think nowadays you can also do that in betaflight.

Miyagi commented on a Build, Tiny Tranier, street Racer!   8 days ago  

Had some issues with a part falling off the Main LED board.
It shorted out the FC. and had to be replaced!