daich commented on a Build, X2 ELF 88 mini   2 hours ago  

I love builds of old frames! 1s 18650 builds are so heavy that even 3" struggle a lot. Interested how this 2" gets on...I would try Sony VTC5a cell which can push out more current than VTC6 with a little less capacity.
That battery holder is genius as well.

bzmot commented on a Build, Protek35 O3 Air Unit Cinewhoop   3 hours ago  

Hey this looks great! I'm looking to convert my protek to O3. Care to share your stl files?

BatcaveFPV commented on a Build, Rekon 7 HDZero   1 day ago  

Hey, I've also converted my Rekon 7 to the hdzero freestyle. How are you securing the vtx? I have a 3d print but not very thrilled with it.
Also had to move the GPS on top of the gopro, once adding hdzero I couldn't get sat lock so close to the vtx.

Sunol FPV   22 hours ago 

Just uploaded a side view of the VTX but I am just using 3mm plastic standoffs in the rear 30x30 bay. I installed the VTX upside down for easier access to MIPI cable and antenna. I think HDZero recommends 5mm gaps for cooling, but this works. Someone told me that the underside is where the hotter chipsets are, so installing it upside may be better for cooling as well.
Yeah, I am an HDZero fanboy, but the Freestyle sure puts out a lot of RF noise.

BatcaveFPV   16 hours ago 

Hey thanks. I didn't think about mounting it upside down. I like the standoffs, I'll print some I think. Right now my 3d print is most likely blocking some air flow.
No issues with your antenna mounted on the arm like that? I'm always concerned that the props will make this move around just enough to get ripped up. Not really a fan of how HGLRC has the antenna on a swivel print, so going to change that. Sorry stealing a few of your ideas.
Did you ground the copper covering your gps wires? I did for mine though I think simply moving it away from the vtx did the trick as well.
Dig like the fuzzy print setting on that rear antenna mount :D

Sunol FPV   16 hours ago 

No issues so far with the antenna out there. The TBS antennas tend to be pretty stiff and some confidence with it being a diversity that, worse case, I'd still be able to fly.
I did ground the copper cover, but yeah, not sure if it is needed. Like you said, main issue is the VTX.
Steal away! I did. :)

benjo commented on a Build, 1s BabyTooth   16 hours ago  

Just a perfect build. Looks amazing! What are those motors like? Are they responsive at the low end of the throttle range?

benjo commented on a Build, Little one   16 hours ago  

I like it! Can you run that board on 2S? I know it says 1S in the name but the specs offer 2S? Maybe 1S high voltage would be the middle ground. I'm not sure I would want to push it but with a 12A rating...... It would be interesting to see how it performs on a higher voltage with that hardware.

antonio.krpina commented on a Build, AOS 3.5 v2 - Caddx/Walksnail   21 hours ago  

What flight time do you get and with what battery? How do you like the power will all up weight?

McLogo76   21 hours ago 

I get about 3-3.5 mins with this setup with 4S 650mah tattu batteries.
And it has more than enough power in my opinion.
Also got a lighter 230gr AOS 3.5v2 with only the walksnail and 1404 3800kv motors were I easily get 4-4.5 mins flight time with the same batteries.

antonio.krpina   20 hours ago 

How do you think 1504.5 and 1404 aompare? Which do youo like more

McLogo76   19 hours ago 

The 1504.5 have more torque and power and I would go with them around 240 - 260gr / the 1404 for me fit the quad that is 230gr or below.
Otherwise both quads feel very similar.

LiPoFly commented on a Build, AOS 5.5 v2 Walksnail - 2nd medium range attempt   1 day ago  

Great build! Antennas and VTX are located near the GPS - are there any problems with satellite reception? If possible - links to 3d models.

BatcaveFPV commented on a Build, Armattan Beaver HDZero   2 days ago  

Great looking build, I'm wanting to switch from the Apex frame to this. How did you mount the HDZero vtx, I see a 3d print under it. Is that a 20x20 to 30x30 print? I didn't think this had a 30x30 hole pattern in the front.

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optikool   2 days ago 

No, there's no room if the FC is in the center. Maybe if you use a 20x20 stack you can get it to fit, or use the Race V2. I put it up front so I could use a shorter MIPI Cable.

BatcaveFPV   2 days ago 

Figured so. No issues with that ufl to sma cable? I've read that these can degrade the signal with digital, but not sure how much.

optikool   2 days ago 

No, no issues so far with the sma cable.

D_LBRS commented on a Build, X2 ELF 88 mini   30 days ago  

Nice build. What flight times are you getting on what kind of 18650 cell?

joza   2 days ago 

Hey, thanks. Have not flown the fully battery out yet... Haven't really flown in a while now. Once I get a chance to test the flight time, will post it.

PhilStainobrian commented on a Build, Custom 7 Inch Extreme Long Range Build   2 days ago  

Dear Mr Botti,
I live in switzerland. I was a longtime follower of your channel. I love your Youtubechannel! This 7inch build is just amazing! I would like to ask, if i could build one too?
Please contact me over my e-mail: schribmir@bluewin.ch

I am really looking foreward to hear from you!

Greeting and i wish you all the best!

Rayz commented on a Build, AOS 5 - DJI O3 HD w/ Tmotor 2505 1850kv   12 days ago  

Thanks for posting this wrong17, and all of your builds, they are a joy to read. I'm mocking up an Aos 5 03 frame atm and will also be using an 03 air unit. It's going to be a bit challenging for me as its my first fpv build, but am not new to rc or flying. I'm going to use a full size mamba stack and T-motor f40 pro IV 2400kv's.

wrong17   12 days ago 

I am glad you enjoy reading my builds and I hope it helps you with your build! I just updated to the AOS 5 with a NEW camera mount, but have not had a chance to test it yet. Good luck with your build and let me know if you have any questions.

Rayz   2 days ago 

Your new printed camera mount looks really, really nice. Is there any way you'd be willing to share the file for it? I'd love to print a set. I'm hoping to get started on my build as soon as a few more parts come in the mail. Thanks so much.

wrong17   2 days ago 

I shared it already, I updated my post on thingiverse. :)

Updated - JAN 22, 2023

O3 CamMount 20deg v13 Grommet.stl
This camera mount is for O3 camera and provides better vibration dampening. You will need to use 20mm standoff to help brace the camera mount, but it is a little too short, so use the 3d printed M3 spacers below. In a perfect world all you need is 1mm spacer on each side of the standoff. But after calculating for the compression of the TPU, typically the 1.5mm spacer will work better. I added the 2mm version too just in case you like crush the TPU parts when you tighten them up.. lol

M3 - 1.5mm Spacer.stl
M3 - 1mm Spacer.stl
M3 - 2mm Spacer.stl
Spacers to use with the new camera mount and M3 screws.


LynxFPV commented on a Build, 1S Tiny Octocopter   4 days ago  

you kind sir are an mad scientist or evil genius...maybe a combination of the two. this is definitely one of a kind octoquads. im impressed

Martin Flite   2 days ago 

Thank you!
I'm now upgrading this octocopter with the HDZero Whoop Lite Bundle. However, the FC's 5V BEC does not seem to be sufficient to power the VTX, so I will try an external BEC. If I get satisfactory results, I will post again.

sendorm commented on a Build, Mobigital7 75mm Digi Whoop- Naked DJI Vista   3 days ago  

Looks like a great build, thanks for sharing. Do you have any flight videos of it?

Davidpe   2 days ago 

Thanks for the nice note! I'll try to upload some video this weekend.

airrage commented on a Build, Mobigital7 75mm Digi Whoop- Naked DJI Vista   3 days ago  

nice build! I did it the exact same with the screws to hold the entire stack. just a metal one that holds the cam. I believe it was Nick Burns that did it this way opposed to Dax who drilled them out.

Davidpe   2 days ago 

Thanks! I remember seeing Nick do something similar. The use of M2.5x25 nylon screws is the game changer for this one. It really creates a rigid structure for the stacked boards.

teempade04 commented on a Build, TBS Source one v3   3 days ago  

yes, this is really nice thank you for sharing such a post with me

LynxFPV commented on a Build, Kinky Pinky   4 days ago  

absolutely gorgeous! you definitely built an impressive looking quad. how so you like the motors? i ask because i also have them on a 2" an they only get a flight time of minute an a half on average flying 3s. would like to possibly use them on a 3" so I'm researching.

Sasquads   3 days ago 

Thank you. I changed the motors for the same RCinpower ones, but 4500 kv.
Flies around 6 - 7 minutes on a 850 mah. I love those motors, I only buy RCinpower

scirocco commented on a Build, Apex Toothpick   Mar 08, 2022  

ajajjj.... are you sure?
13A+3S+1207+2,5"/3blade+motor (9,5g)...
I had same configuration..... burned out :(
1207 is very powerful and "hungry' motor!
It is able to do empty HV 3S-850mah battery only 1-2 minutes!
Finally I am using this motor max 3S+2" plus esc:20/25A

soo... good luck! :)

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LynxFPV   4 days ago 

yeah you were totally right. lil apex 2" is quick as the Dickens. but drains liops is just over a minute. what size of frame are these motors good for?

scirocco   4 days ago 

What is your purpose of fly?
Extremly fast with short flytime? Then not matter which size of frame :)
Cruising? Then It is not your motor......
but if you have them and want to build and use them? Then 2" is less "problem"
I tried them 3" 2,5" 2,3".... Now they are in 2".... not my favorite but better than other size!

LynxFPV   3 days ago 

very very interesting 🤔
like to freestyle micros. so speed now isn't a factor. but i guess it is what it is with these motors

LynxFPV commented on a Build, NoPro 6 inch LR cruiser   7 days ago  

how come you didn't go with the Fpvcycle 25mm imperial motors? on a 6" i would of thought a semi larger motor would of been more efficient to spin the 6" prop? i just asking for curiosity 😉
this build is very impressive

GeKo_FPV   3 days ago 

Thanks! It was just all about the weight for me. I knew these 2305 are more than enough for my 500g AUW 5 inch freestyle build. So I figured they would be suited for 6 inch cruising :-)
This lightweight frame also only accepts 12x12 motor mounting - which is what makes the 2305 so light compared to the larger fpvcycle imperial. It could be that the imperials are more efficient, but its hard to know if it would matter given that going to those would also require a much stronger frame and would probably add 70-80g to the dry weight.

and also to be very honest I got a bunch of these 2305 when they were 50% off on FPVcycle due to being replaced by unibell design :-)

Hazzelwood   3 days ago 

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LynxFPV   3 days ago 

awe I see i see. smart thinking.

Ifly@sgfpv commented on a Build, Apex 4!   3 days ago  

did u managebto squeeze 5in props into this 4" apex frame?

Ifly@sgfpv commented on a Build, JM4   3 days ago  

do u think possible to squeeze 5in prop into this frame?