BaTTaN commented on a Build, Volantex Ranger 2000 teknofreak   12 hours ago  

Is your ground station setup for auto tracking? Asking as I'm really wanting to build one that tracks.

DiAleksi   4 hours ago 

Nope, manual tracking. I'm giving up with LR flying, as nowadays rules prohibits that. And flying mid range doesn't require much directing as patch antenna takes wide angle area nicely.

choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack for Open-TX   10 hours ago  

OptimaZe commented on a Build, Noisy Cricket (to be renamed)   1 day ago  

Looks awesome! I really like the design of that frame.

KM|fpv   1 day ago 

Me too! But I don't know where it's from or what it's called.

OptimaZe   1 day ago 

I've been browsing Google images of Deadcat 3 inch frames trying to find it lol

lyons238@icloud.com commented on a Build, Lil Apex 3" IG giveaway quad   1 day ago  

very nice build. how do you like the smoox motors? also how would you compare the Apex 3" Micro compared to the likes of an Acrobrat Duo? I like how the Apex seems very easy to build and work on but it seems like it might be a little heavy given that it's built just like a 5" as far as the frame itself is concerned.

Noramas commented on a Build, Hummingbird   2 days ago  

Do you have video to share?

porcha   2 days ago 

this weekend, i will

Noramas   2 days ago 

I've got same frame from BG and going to build something similar. Want to see how she flies for you.
Would you be so kind to share Insta360 print file?

choppergirl commented on a Build, Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack for Open-TX   2 days ago  
jermadjesty commented on a Build, HGLRC Sector150 - Build a Budget Freestyle Cinewhoop   Sep 23, 2020  

Do you think the frame would fit 3.5" props if you removed the ducts?

Whiffles   Oct 01, 2020 

Yes it looks like 3.5" will just miss the standoffs without the ducts.

Mr_Stripes   2 days ago 

Has anyone tested this? Really wondering, not many 3.5" frames around 40/45g.

Mr_Stripes   2 days ago 

For sub250 freestyle. I am now seeing that there is some flex in the frame. Would it be durable enough?

Do you have the stls for the parts you printed still?

OptimaZe commented on a Build, Flyfive33 Switchback HD86   2 days ago  

B E A Utiful!

porcha commented on a Build, Sub250g Bone Quad (Rotor Riot Inspired)   5 days ago  

still waiting on my boner to deliver

how tall standoffs? I'm going analog but probably same height with a 30x30 fc/esc stack underneath a Sixty9

also went broom over bone

wan_kelvin@yahoo.com   2 days ago 

I am using 25mm standoffs, but I think you can use 20mm standoffs since you are going analog

MakeitHappen commented on a Build, Sub Atomic   2 days ago  

Nice and clean build. I have the same setup, but using xm+ and RUSHFPV TANK TINY. Whats your pid tune like?

Sh0ck commented on a Build, DJI Digital CINE Freybott 2.5Zoll   4 days ago  

hi, I have the same FC, but I have no black box logs, betaflight says no Dataflash chip, do you have a blackbox ? or is my FCjust not good ?

Dark FPV   3 days ago 

I dont have space for blackbox too

Sh0ck   3 days ago 

oh okay ! guess I sent my FC back to the shop for nothing then xD

spitfire4466 commented on a Build, Flywoo Explorer LR4 X Shark Byte   3 days ago  

Could you share how you mounted the TX5S.1 VTX sideways like that? Thanks

Sh0ck commented on a Build, Best 6S Cinewhoop EVER! 2204 2966kv Motors   4 days ago  

Salut, du coup tu alimente la gopro naked directement via la FC ? pas de soucis en 6S ? j'ai un cinewhoop de chez lumenier avec des moteurs 1106 4500kv en 4s mais je trouve ca un peu trop mou et les gaz son assez chauds a gerer, du coup je pense aussi partir sur des moteurs plus gros et peut etre en 6s

Beret FPV   4 days ago 

Oui via la FC mais j'ai un mini bec Matek (6-30v in vers 9v out) entre la FC et la GoPro, du coup pas de souci en 6S. Si jamais t'as aussi l'option d'y mettre des 2203,5 2850kv (en 6S), ca marche super bien sur les cinewhoop

Sh0ck   3 days ago 

ouais mais j'aimerais rester au plus light donc je pense devoir rester sur du 4s sans rajouter de BEc et de condo supplΓ©mentaire

Yet another gloriously tidy build, I hope you sort your motor issues! And I have to ask as you are the absolute master of multi-colour printing - do you have a printer with a multi-filament print head, or are you doing all of this with manual filament swaps? Having done the latter myself, I can confirm it's a pain, and can kill prints, so I have to assume you have the right hardware - but you might just be made of sterner stuff than I am, and are doing all this by hand. I am intrigued to know...!

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wrong17   8 days ago 

Side note about 3d printing for the Carnage TPU parts. For this build I was able to save some time by printing all the items in one job. I actually printed the arm guards, camera mount and antenna mount all at the same time. If you look carefully, the first 14 layers for all items have the same exact pattern. The camera mount is at an angle and upside down so it may look like a different pattern, but it is not.

Jayembee67   6 days ago 

Yes, as I say, I have done exactly what you have done, counting layers in Cura, adding GCODE stops and such, hovering over the printer for hours - and found it so tedious, and stressful, that given all the beautiful printing you are doing I couldn't really believe you were doing all of that manually! I tip my hat, your dedication is impressive, but then again, so are the end results! :-)

wrong17   3 days ago 

I'm waiting for a sale so I can pick up a 2 color 3D printer.... come on black friday sales.... give me a good sale!!! LOL

Great Build of my 3.5" Carnage Frame πŸ˜πŸ‘ I love the way you've customised the frame to take the 30.5x30.5 AIO Board 🀩

wrong17   3 days ago 

That is part of the hobby.... making things fit.

Sergei commented on a Build, Tadpole 2.5" w/GPS   3 days ago  

Very interesting post. I tried to connect gps bn-220 via softserial port to my geprc f411 stable according to your description, but I can't. GPS is not defined. Can you drop your dump. From the photos, as I understand it, TX with gps is soldered to led, and RX to beeper. Thank you!

Sub 250g FPV commented on a Build, Carnage - 3.5" sub 250 digital freestyler   4 days ago  

Great Build of my 3.5" Carnage Frame πŸ˜πŸ‘ Your so right it can go faster than 68 km/h.πŸ˜‚

Sub 250g FPV commented on a Build, Carnage 3.5in Caddx Polar   4 days ago  

Great Build of my 3.5" Carnage Frame πŸ˜πŸ‘, The Antenna/XT30/Cap print is a great addition - Thank You πŸ™