Strix Screech 3D Chrome

By JohnnieRico on Jan 12, 2018

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I've been messing with 3D mode for a while and wanted something purpose built by going as light as possible for freestyle. The gopro mount and props are heavy but I'll see how it goes.



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Neffpv   Jan 30, 2019  

what did you use on the frame to color the edges?

Neffpv   Jan 30, 2019  

what did you use on the frame to color the edges?

RZFPV   Feb 01, 2018  

how are these escs, reliable?

JohnnieRico   Feb 02, 2018 

I haven't been using it long enough to tell. But so far its fine, 130a punchouts by the current sensor

fretman   Jan 21, 2018  

are you using the racerstar's current sensor? if so how did you get it working? betaflight doesn't see it when I choose external current sensor option.

JohnnieRico   Jan 21, 2018 

Just to confirm you have it set to onboard ADC and soldered to the right place

QuadMcFly   Jan 17, 2018  

What were your thoughts on this frame. I picked one up to see how it was since it was only $40, and I have to say I was very disappointed in the finish quality. The cut was left super rough on all the edges and needed a lot of sanding and the 3D prints were horrible. I suppose I can't really complain for the price, but still, I was disappointed.

JohnnieRico   Jan 18, 2018 

We may have different scales of comparison, my nicest frame is a chameleon and the edges on that were sharp. I don't remember my carbon being bad but I washed it and sealed it with super glue and it might as well be astrox silky carbon now. I'm looking at the 3d parts and yeah they are not brain3d but I lack the expertise of printing my own stuff to say if this won't function the same. All in all totally worth $40. If someone else sold this, the chamfered edges alone would make it $80.

I'm way more annoyed some of the finx30 bearings make noise right out of the box. And what is it when the top of the shaft has a little give? Like it wiggles a tiny amount

QuadMcFly   Jan 21, 2018 

I've just never had a frame I had to finish. Every other frame I've bought I just built and flew, this is the first time the carbon came in such bad shape. Once it's sanded it's fine, just was surprised at the rough cut. Also I'm concerned the 3D printed parts will delaminate under stress.

But again, for $40, can't really complain too much. Probably the cheapest decent quality frame on the market. Worth a little effort on finishing it.

RZFPV   Jan 13, 2018  

Would u recommend this frame for a beginner?

JohnnieRico   Jan 13, 2018 

Any frame is fine for a beginner but only if you meticulously plan out where everything is going to go and how it'll fit together. Usually you want to start with a frame with a much bigger body like a martian 2 so you can just throw stuff wherever and it'll all fit.

For this frame you need a 4in1 esc and AIO flight controller so you have a stack of only 2 boards. Then the back deck is easy to zip tie your receiver and vtx to.

Jodie Froster   Jan 14, 2018 

No, not a good first frame. If you wanted to copy this guy's build, so you know the parts will fit, you should be aware of a few things: 1st of all those are the most powerfull motors on the market atm, and that craft probably has a ~12/1 thrust to weight ratio, even though it's a freestyle frame (that's a lot). For your first build you may have trouble fitting parts IN GENERAL in any frame. There are several skills and materials that may be new to you as a first time kwad builder. Having a restrictive frame size is it's own challenge, and if you have questions about your ability here, that's a red flag. JohnnieRico made a good point: a martian 2 would be a great starter platform. It has tons of space, and if you break it it's cheap with readily available replacement parts. Once you have been using it for a while you can transplant your electronics to a different frame if you want to. This frame is sturdy and well thought out, and would be great to graduate to as a 2nd build.

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