Realacc X6R // DYS Samguk Wei

By buildflycrash on Jan 07, 2018

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ondras   Oct 11, 2018  

Hi, a quick question: you seem to have used 30mm standoffs, but the default standoff height for X6R is 35mm. How did you manage to fit those camera side plates that are made for 35mm?

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ondras   Oct 12, 2018 

And the default standoffs / side plates? What was/is their height?

buildflycrash   Oct 12, 2018 

that is the default size and side plates

ondras   Oct 12, 2018 

I see. Okay, thanks for the explanation then! I happened to be misinformed with respect to X6R default standoffs.

moxfpv   May 03, 2018  

The build looks sic, great work!
I'v read the arms don't meetup, is there any play in them?

buildflycrash   May 23, 2018 

i have had one of these frames built for 1.5 years. its my work horse, i never change anything, nothing breaks and there is no play. i dont crash much anymore but when i did i thundered this thing it at full throttle. the carbon on the end of the arm bent, the bolts bent but after i unfu*ked its fine.

Jodie Froster   Jan 08, 2018  

Nice work man! Are the 20 amp esc's keeping up with the 2207's?

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EnemyAce   Feb 25, 2018 

How do you think a 25A 4 in 1 ESC would with these motors?

Jodie Froster   Feb 26, 2018 

most sets of 4 20amp esc's will take a burst of 100amps. Mine certainly take the peak output I get at 92amps without complaining. That's been happening for 8 months, at an average of 5 packs a day.

buildflycrash   Mar 30, 2018 

I tried this setup with some new 100c batteries and 30a ESCs and it peaks at 120a so if you can bust to 35-40a your good.

EnemyAce   Feb 11, 2018  

Quad looks badass dude! How do you like the HGLRC AIO FC? I got one super cheap on BG, but a builder friend of mine said they have issue with overheating.

buildflycrash   Feb 12, 2018 

I got mine on BG also. I have 2 builds on here using them and a spare. Both have been great for me. Maybe people have issues with using the VTX set at 600mw? I crashed this build into a puddle on Friday. Everything survived. They work for me because most of my ESC's are only BB1 based so a 4k/4k FC works for me.

EnemyAce   Feb 26, 2018 

How tall is your three stack on this? Do you have any pics of the build in progress? I have the same AIO and receiver as you, and I'm also going with a 4-in-1 ESC. My frame is a lowrider with 20mm standoffs, though, so I'm thinking it's not going to fit.

buildflycrash   Mar 30, 2018 

Sorry i was away for a bit. Stack can be pretty small. I use one long ass nylon screw and tpu tpu spacers to sandwich and soft mount everything. The nylon standoffs you can get on BG are too big to get it all in there. If you dont have a 3d printer try rubber o-rings and long ass nylons.

JC250   Jan 31, 2018  

How r the motor bearings and durability. I can’t find anywhere whether it’s 7075 or 6065

buildflycrash   Feb 01, 2018 

I am happy with the bearings. I only have a few packs in them. It has been raining where I live for the better part of a month. There is no markings on the motor for the type of alloy used. But if you look at all the types of 7075 (there is 16 that I know of) their properties vary and some can be pretty darn close to 6065 in tensile, sheer and fatigue strength.

wiytboi   Feb 12, 2018 

Tighten mounting screws as tight as can. If it strips a little it’s mostlikely not 7075. But for $10 who cares really

buildflycrash   Feb 13, 2018 

I sunk the whole quad into a puddle on the weekend. Still working as new. I did clean them out tho.

Bert_Maas   Jan 08, 2018  

The braiding of the motor wires. Is it good practice? I heard from some sources that it might mess with the esc's and could even induce desyncing in extreme cases.

buildflycrash   Jan 08, 2018 

I have not heard that before. Only one real way to know, fly it and find out. But thanks for the heads up.

wiytboi   Feb 12, 2018 

Twist esc wires braiding has been know to screw with the esc reading the different phases of the motor. Basically can dsync randomly. On drastic throttle changes.

RZFPV   Jan 27, 2018  

From what I understand the Realacc frame has 1619 mm motor mounts and don't the dys motors have 1616 mm mounts? How did you mount the motors?

buildflycrash   Jan 27, 2018 

All four holes on the arm are slotted to fit 16mm or 19mm. So you can mount a 16x16 motor on this frame with all four screws.

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