Shark 2.0

By FissionBomb on Dec 07, 2017

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After building my first Babyshark pod from Falcon Multirotors, I decided I would build another better one. Now that I know how things fit and what parts will work, I'm very excited to get this upgraded version built.

The frame is coming with a V11 pod from Falcon which has plenty of room for components and antenna positioning.

11/04/17 - I mounted the motors and soldered on my battery pigtail. A note, I put a small strip of tape over my battery joints because they're so close to the carbon. I also soldered the wires facing forward because of how tight the space is underneath. The new FlexRC motors and wires are a dream. They soldered onto the pads so nice and the flexible wires made things much easier than before. I also chose to route the wires from inside the stack to the pads. The F4 Super_S board and ESC came with a much shorter connector cable for ESC signal. Otherwise I wouldn't have room for the motor wires. A test fit shows there is plenty of space in the canopy for my VTX of choice and the FS82 RX.

12/08/17 - I had an issue with the F4 board and fried it. Basically it grounded out on something and died. There was also a strange solder blob/splash across the CPU pins. I dunno how/when that happened or if it caused it to die. Still fires up in Betaflight so I dunno. I ordered a new Super_S stack since it's one of the few 16x16 options out there right now. Put everything together and even installed a custom LED strip. Super stoked with how this turned out.



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blmk   Jun 05, 2018  

hello, i wanted to ask how did you manage to flash the newest firmware to the Super_s F3 on betaflight and how did you get into DDU mode.

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FissionBomb   Jun 05, 2018 

Flysky or Turnigy only. I've never used Sbus in anything. If using the RCIN pad it is UART3

blmk   Jun 05, 2018 

Thank You for all the help mate. Have a great day sir.

FissionBomb   Jun 06, 2018 

Happy I could help!

deks   Jan 07, 2018  

What batteries are you using on this? How much flight time do you get, and what's the AUW?

FissionBomb   Jan 07, 2018 

Glacier RC 450mah 25C $4.99 from

I don't know AUW but build weight is 45g

FissionBomb   Jan 08, 2018 

AUW is 75g

jdmkramer   Jan 05, 2018  

Love it! Would it be worth it to just buy a bnf/pnf babyhawk and mod from there?

Eric   Dec 24, 2017  

Was you able to get ibus to work? I have read some had to run ppm.

FissionBomb   Dec 26, 2017 

Ibus works! You have to hook your Ibus receiver to the RCIN pad on the Flight Controller and choose UART3.

Eric   Dec 26, 2017 

Awesome thanks

FissionBomb   Dec 26, 2017 

Thanks for the build like!

Rhygin   Dec 19, 2017  

I am using the same board and everything fires up through Betaflight (receiver, motors, modes) but will not "react" when just on battery power? Any ideas? Do I need to run some sort of aux battery line to the FC in addition to 6 pin connector?

FissionBomb   Dec 19, 2017 

The pad labeled RCIN is UART3. I didn't know this and it doesn't specify anywhere on Banggood/other retailers. As long as you're soldered there for your RX signal and have it on UART3 for SBUS(FrSky) or Ibus(Flysky) you should get a reaction. There's no additional power from the ESC - FC aside from the Molex connector. It provides the FC with VCC as far as I know.

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