Hyperlow 14xx Racer

By JMarker on Oct 23, 2017

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This is the Hyperlow 14xx Racer. It's a 200mm frame designed to accommodate different setup styles. The main base and arms can be mounted above (like my config here), or below like a traditional setup. When configured with the base on top it can run 5" props, which make this thing lethal. It's a semi-light setup at 241.85g (without battery) and handles quite differently from everything else I own. It's taking some getting used to, but at this size, weight, and 5" props on CG balanced 200mm frame that requires 14xx sized motors, and in this "prop up top" configuration is a combination that is quite different from everything else I own. I only have two test flights in so far, so I hope to have it dialed in soon. This is going to be sick setup, I can feel it. Looking forward to some quality tune and flight time with my new Hyperlow 14xx Racer.



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Burning North   Oct 23, 2017  

4000Kv...! Your motors aren't getting too hot? I tried the RK twin blades with 1407 3200Kv motors on this frame and they almost burned my fingers. If this thing holds up, I gotta try it for myself!

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volitant   Oct 24, 2017 

kv is rpm per volt so a 4000kv motor spins at more rpm than a 3000kv motor per volt

a 3000kv motor at 1volt would spin at 3000rpm and a 4000kv at 1 volt would spin at 4000rpm, also the motor with a lower kv value generally has more bottom end torque

CaptainFalcon   Oct 24, 2017 

Look up some thrust tests from Engineer X on youtube. He has a bunch of good info on these smaller motors (and 'full size' ones too!).

I would grab a set of 5030 biblade props and try those. The motors will be able to spin them much better.
Also, you should try a 1000mAh or 850mAh battery on this build, tiny motors do better the faster the prop unloads.

JMarker   Oct 24, 2017 

Thanks! I'll give it a shot.

CaptainFalcon   Oct 23, 2017  

Those motors are very overpropped with those aggressive triblades on them. I hope they survive for you but I sure wouldn't expect them to with that heavy of a 1407 build on 4s. Let us know how it holds up!

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