Karearea Talon 246

By JMarker on Oct 23, 2017

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Yes, the hype is actually not hype at all, it's actual truth, in both design and engineering found in the Karearea Talon frame line. I've crashed, smashed, and beat this frame to no end and it has not broken a single piece of carbon or aluminum. It truly is one of the most amazing frames I've had the pleasure of flying. It's still my "go to" quad. It's nimble, great for both racing and freestyle, and it's core and canopy can be fitted for 190, 220, and 247 by purchasing some extra arms and side rales in each size. I got the 220 and 247 sized arms and rales, and that allows me to change it's size fairly easily.

For electronics, I had been running a TBS Powercube/FPVision stack, but the 25A just wasn't cutting it for the motors I wanted to run. So I eventually switched to the HobbyWing X-Rotor stack, which is a 40A ESC, and F4 flight controller. In place of the FPVision is the DYS MI200mv, which accommodates SmartAudio as well. I refused to run individual ESC's on any of my builds, so I will only build using full stacks, or 4-in-1 ESC's. It's worth the price for me, should I lose one ESC in a 4-in-1 board, to just replace the board, rather than have all of that mess draped across my frames, just to save $20 in ESC replacements or whatever. Building with stacks has too many advantages over individual ESCs in my opinion, but this is just a personal thing. I respect all custom builds from others, no matter what personal choices are made. A great build is a great build, and custom builds require personal dedication and some technical chops, and I certainly respect other custom builder's work.

For motors, I had been running T-Motor F40 Pro 2600kv, which are great motors, but since I cannot sit still, I've since changed them out for Pyro-Drone's Hyperlite 2307-2722kv Team Edition motors. They are hungry, like the F40's, but the performance difference is quite noticeable. The 40A ESC powers this setup perfectly (on 4S 1800mah), and this setup is best described: "floats like a butterfly, and stings like a bee." I own many quads, in many shapes and sizes, but my Karearea is still my personal favorite of the bunch.



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