6" Long Range

By jamesnater on Dec 18, 2017

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Finally done with my new main rig. I built this one specifically for “extended range freestyle” and “long range journeys”, while still being able to rip it up in a small park. AUW 559g



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Lancer X   Mar 01, 2018  

James - love your videos!! I'm curious - what kind of flight times do you get with a build like this?

jamesnater   Mar 05, 2018 

On freshly charged 1300s, I go about 4 - 5.5 minutes depending if I land at 900mAh used or 1100mAh used, and also depending on how I fly. I've been considering higher capacity batteries of similar weight (probably not hard to do, CNHL batteries weigh heavy)

Dan412   Feb 11, 2018  

Nice build! Do you mind sharing how/which UART you used for the Crossfire rx? I have same Flip 32 F4 (Revo pin edition) board but none of the UARTS work even after binding with the receiver . Same result with SBUS or CRSF. Thanks.

jamesnater   Mar 05, 2018 

Sorry for the late reply, I'm not on here much. You might want to try switching the tx and rx wires from the receiver to the board, I had a similar issue.

RobbertSegers   Dec 18, 2017  

very nice! whats the weight without battery?

jamesnater   Dec 18, 2017 

AUW is 549g, and CNHL Batteries are heavy... I’ll check when I get home!

jamesnater   Dec 24, 2017 


idiotsniff   Dec 20, 2017  

if you have a second, can you tell me what KV motors your running on this? with these props?

jamesnater   Dec 23, 2017 

1900kv, but going 5s soon

idiotsniff   Dec 18, 2017  

what KV motor are you running on this build? doesn't say in the link just says pick KV? how do you like those props? thanks for your time,

jamesnater   Dec 23, 2017 

I haven’t flown it outside yet, but the motors are 1900kv, eventually going to start using 5s batteries.

Querk   Dec 18, 2017  

how is the battery strap held down? is it just ziptied?

jamesnater   Dec 18, 2017 

Held down with 2 zip ties. The props spin directly under the motor... REALLY playing with fire here.

Querk   Dec 18, 2017 

holy shit

jamesnater   Dec 23, 2017 

Oh I meant battery not motor. But yeah, still danger zone

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