Hyperlow 6" Unibody

By DovzoFPV on Oct 04, 2017

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This is a 6" Hyperlow Unibody with the electronics mounted underneath the frame body and the props centre to the top mounted battery. I chose this frame to get away from the bottom mounted battery. The Hyperlow is a simple yet clever design allowing you to choose whichever configuration of battery or electronic mounting.

The build took quite a bit of thinking about as the mounts for the VTX were not designed for for the Matek half board and I would have made my life alot easier if I had just gone for mounting a gopro instead of runcam split. I went for the split as I have lost a gopro and didnt want to go through that again, anyway, I really like the split even though it gets bad press I think the video is not bad. I am using this quad to learn freestyle so one day when more accomplished maybe go back to the gopro.

I went with Airbot Omnibus pro corner as I have an Omnibus F4 pro and feel comfortable with it and has not let me down. The tabs for the esc wires are on the corners which makes wiring up really easy. I paired the FC with Wraith32 35amps as I wanted to kind of future proof myself with 32khz, dshot 1200 yada yada.. I am actually running at 8 8, dshot 1200 and 48khz pwm. All working well and the board is soft mount and so it the gyro it really feels tight.

I got a lot of props in the HD video where usually the FPV camera is mounted on the Hyperlow looking up at the props. This is ok for FPV feed but a bit distracting for HD video, so I decided to mount the camera above the frame and more inline with the battery behind it. Fortunately you get a horseshoe shaped bit of carbon with the Hyperlow that the standoffs mount to and help protect the camera. I am still getting props in the bottom of the frame but can live with that, I might raise the camera up higher with 30cm standoffs to try and get rid of the props in the frame altogether.

I ended up with the Armattan Velveet Ooomphs on here as I was having so much trouble with tuning and vibrations with the F60 pros. The Velvets are very nice motors and have started dialing in the PIDs nicely.

I have added 470uf caps to each esc and a 1000uf on the battery line.

Finished up with an AUW of 630grms and 450 without the battery, considering I get HD video from the split this is not bad for a 6" I reckon and usually get about 6 to 7 minutes from the Tattu 1550 75c, although I don't fly her as hard as most people do.



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