Kamikaze Chameleon

By Nanonipples on Oct 02, 2017

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Chameleon 6. I chose a 6 inch quad because I already have a 5 inch and it offered a few things other frames did not. Armattans legendary warranty, good protection for FPV camera and a top mounted battery that wont get sliced by a bent prop (this is especially true if you chose to use 5 inch props on a 6 inch frame. it is also a unibody which is rare for a 6 inch frame.

I soon decided that I would make this a premium quadcopter with premium components

Other choices were easy. Mateks flight controller is brilliant i also purchased the PDB which I will use if I can fit it in the stack, the lumienier 4in1 has a 5v and a 12v bec while also providing a high quality blheli 32bit implementation. The T-Motor f40s are durable. King Kong make the cheapest 6 inch prop while also providing the highest maximum thrust (although it loses to the HQ props in low end response). The Eagle2 gives a great image with low latency. The Tramp allows me to use audio as well as remote VTX switching. The TBS Triumph is a durable antenna and the LHCP matches my colour scheme very well. the XSR is the cheapest (and arguably best) way to get taranis telemetry at the moment.

Usually I build a quadcopter to a weight but this is not going to be like that. this quadcopter is built for smoothness and hopefully it shows

Update 10 October '17

I have decided to use the Kamikaze F4x flight controller and Kamikaze 4in1 32bit ESCs from undergroundFPV instead of the Matek controller and lumenier ESC.
The lumenier ESCs has small looking power wires and does not offer telemetry or current sensing. I swapped to the F4X flight controller because of 32bit telemetry inputs (if I have the feature I want to be able to use it).
The kamikaze FC also integrates cleanly with the Kamikaze 4in1 ESC. Some other features I like, it has TVS diode protection as well as a 32k Gyro (I am aware of the over sensitivity issues, but I want to try it out for myself) The F4x has a soft mounted Gyro which is cool but I am a little worried about the ribbon cable that sticks out on the side. Looks like a disaster waiting to happen. Hopefully it comes with extra ribbons.

I have also renamed the build to Kamikaze Chameleon (used to be orange juice). Has a nice ring to it don't ya think?
Parts are arriving this week so hopefully will be able to maiden the quad this weekend.


Part List


Chameleon 6 (4 builds)

Flight Controller

Kamikaze F4X Flight Controller


Kamikaze V2 4/1 32Bit ESC (40A x 4)


2 x T Motor F40III


KINGKONG/LDARC 6040 Propellers CW & CCW 10 Pairs For 250 280 RC Drone FPV Racing Multi Rotor (13 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Eagle 2 800TVL CMOS 2.1mm/2.5mm 4:3/16:9 NTSC/PAL Switchable Super WDR FPV Camera Low Latency (98 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Immersion RC's Tramp HV


TBS Triumph Stubby - Single antenna (3 builds)


FrSky XSR 2.4GHz 16CH ACCST Receiver w/ S-Bus & CPPM (481 builds)
See Site


Tattu R-Line 1550mAh 95C 4S1P lipo battery pack with XT60 – MultiRotorMania (49 builds)
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Tramol   Feb 21, 2018  

How's the esc holding up for you? Just stumbled across the kamikaze in my search for a 6s capable 4 in 1.

UndergroundFPV   Oct 17, 2017  

Very cool build!
Post some videos, we would love to see it flying

We have some new custom firmware coming out for the F4X for 32/32K email us to become a beta tester for firmware builds if you wish.

Bendi   Oct 12, 2017  

how do you like the kamikaze FC and ESC?

nahox   Oct 02, 2017  

The chameleon actually has very poor camera protection. The frame is made very cheap to make the warranty affordable for armattan, so the aluminum cage is very weak. My friend broke two lenses in two weeks on the 6" chameleon.

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nahox   Oct 11, 2017 

His camera cage was mangled both times

QuadLoverXoXo   Oct 11, 2017 

Does he Fly into a brick wall or something? armattan uses 6065 aluminium which isn't as good as expensive 7075 aluminium. but it is still better protection than most frames I rate

Nanonipples   Oct 11, 2017 

That's not cool. I don't go easy on my quads so Ill post here if/when I break it.

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