Le Volcore // Runcam Split

By bulbufet on Jun 30, 2017

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I think this is literally the best 3" quad in existence. In my opinion, 3" quads are kinda a novelty. They're fun, but they don't really do anything particularly good except be small. The WORST part for me is that they don't carry HD cameras. So.. I got a runcam split. 20g all up worth of weight, and then added a micro swift for good measure and great video performance. This way, I can have the best of both worlds. Tiny little micro quad but with HD video. Should be pretty sweet. I haven't been able to fly it yet due to rain, but I can't wait to let this bad boy rip.



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Bushwacka FPV   Jul 03, 2017  

I think the issue with 3 inch is that their weigh to much for their prop size.....

I think if the weigh was closer to 100 grams prior to battery instead of he typical 160-200 grams prior to battery they would be far better. whats interesting is I feel some of the fastest 2-4s micro are just plain better due to their lower weight.

there is a new 1106 motor that can produce 230 grams of thrust on 2s! entirelly possible to have a 100 gram with batter quad with 900 grams of thrust, when you compared it to an average 3 inch they just do not compare......

IMO frame makers need a lighter frame, and motor makers need 1503 or something to make better use of the 3 inch prop while weighing less than the BH 1407, which are arguable a better 4 inch motor.

GBFPV   Jul 20, 2017 

My 3in is about 150g without Lipo. 260g with 4S 850mAh, less than 250g with 4S 650maH.
I have a Legend 2 with a 3D printed angle mount weighing about 55g total. Adding this weight on top makes a non-negligible impact on the flight behaviour. With the lighter 650mah you get better perfs but less time.
I'm debating between the Split and the Mobius Mini. If I choose the Split, I will 3D print a mount similar to this one to put it on top of the quad. However it will have to be quite strong and well attached to not damage the camera system. I also use the Eachine DVR pro to record some flights from the goggles. Keeps everything light but video quality is not great.

Whiffles   Jun 30, 2017  

You beat me to the draw! I just got my Split today. Now I just need my Volcor and components. What's your AUW?

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