SniperX Light 5"

By larkimpressive on May 06, 2024

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Foxeer F722v2
Predator micro Foxeer 1.7
Foxeer Lolipop 4+

Using the v1 model here, the v2 Velox V2 1950 kv Gemfan 51466 v2 ImmersionRC Hybrid will be available on Monday :smile:
Droneshop Unbreakable 16mm Strap Speedypizzadrones 1250mah 6s SniperX racewires

Despite its plain appearance, it has a wealth of experience.

  • Bas used his years of experience and familiarity with every product to design this frame. I was able to print it in my favorite color because he developed all the 3D pieces for it. After years of flying, I realized that I don't need the most expensive engines. These Velox V2 1950 kv are quite reasonably priced. Even though it doesn't make much sense, I want to test 2208 again because I've been racing them for more than a year and they're fantastic.
  • Foxeer has improved their electronics game; they now produce excellent escs and FCs. Their 30x30 electronics line was also excellent earlier. These days, they just cover any application. large or little. Strongly advised.
  • Predator Nano is, without a doubt, the best analog cam for racing. been like way for a number of years.
  • Similarly, lollipops, series 1, 3, 4, and currently 4+ are excellent. We'll see. I might go lolipop nano to lose some weight.
  • Purchasing Gemfan 51466v2 makes sense. Small adjustments like removing the popo, shortening it slightly, and adding 0.1 g produce a more robust prop that corners more skillfully and is slightly stiffer basket random. Proceed to the racing prop.
  • This incredibly sturdy strap, made by Droneshop, is long and only 16 mm broad, so it can go under stacks if necessary. Although I don't need it, it fits neatly beneath the plates. They also provide the identical thing in 20mm, and both contain rubber thread to keep the lipo in place and are incredibly sturdy.
  • Here, I used Snippers race wires, although I usually use ones from because they have amazing products.
  • The Hybrids that Immersion published a while back have made constructions so simple and clean; there's no need for tapes, 3D mounts, or anything else. I'm really happy with them. Works wonderfully as well.
  • Additionally, 3D elements are no accident; unlike the incredibly popular front fins, the loop design turtle fin does not put strain on the top plate, protecting it from cracking.
    Since it's now the indoor season, I've been using the arm protector designs from SniperXL. I also used the front brace.


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