Hexamovr5r1 Build

By SPeCTRuM_TMD on Feb 04, 2024

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I was hooked at the video of Quadmovr his hexamovr5r1 build. So i search if i could find it, and YES, i found it at Armattan site.
Since it was my first hexa build, i asked quadmovr for some tips... His first tip was : Be gentle with the motors... as it was hard to find nice motors here in the netherlands, which i find suitable.. i ended up with these Xnova Freestyle hardline 2207-1650KV motors.... which of course were a little too much.

So i had to print ( PETg+carbon fiber) aditional arms, to make the frame more stif... and now it really rips .. :)

You find some foto's of the build, and some screenshots of the build from the 3D model. ( I moddeled it in 3D first ).
ALso you find the remaping of the motor-loyout with FETTEC configurator.

I used FETTEC setup, and TBS NANO VTX and crossfire. I soldered these both directly onto the FETTEC FC.
I allso used FETTEC OSD and Spike board.

For the lights i used CLRacing boards

It was hard to get the flight controller, so i used an old betaflight FC for remapping via Betaflight pass through... I had to use a resistor on the flight controller before it worked but it did eventually. So i could start allready.

  • Note. The Mah and A in OSD are not right. FETTEC cant handle 6 ESC's at that point. I asked FETTEC help, but they could not help me.
    Hope you like this build.

  • Best flight without the extra printed arm connectors.

  • Flight with arm modifications.



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RickySan   Apr 11, 2024  

WOW it has many blades in many different colors. But I'm wondering if a propeller fails, will it still be able to maintain balance in the air? Fun Games

SPeCTRuM_TMD   Apr 11, 2024 


Never had that problem.. :)
But I think it will be OK.

SQunX   Mar 14, 2024  

problem with parts in the Netherlands? do you know droneshop.nl?
they have a pretty good assortment of drone parts.
otherwise nice build man!

SPeCTRuM_TMD   Mar 14, 2024 

Yes, I know droneshop.nl. And quadcoptersenzo.nl, and speeddrones. Nl... But back then, when I build the hexacopter, they didn't had the motors, and fettec components.

SQunX   Mar 15, 2024 

ah alright

Nikodemus   Feb 04, 2024  

I really appreciate the effort you put into this extraordinary build. Something completely different from all the four-motor builds.

SPeCTRuM_TMD   Feb 04, 2024 

Thank you. Because it is so different, i had to fully look into this build before i even built it.
Now i am going to focus on an x8 build.. the same way.

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