By Rotorenpilot on Mar 03, 2024

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Another Chameleon bootleg since the first one just flies amazing. Having said that much, I still have to admit, while I can feel a difference from 4 to 6S...and occasionally trying 5S (usually from a fixed...or "pruned" 6S) lipos on 4S rigs --> yes, there's a difference. But no, I don't think it's that much, and it's not worth it buying batteries that are on average 10 to 15 bucks more expensive, and are also more scary to charge and store...more scary by 7.6 Volts.

Perhaps the 6S advantages really come into play when the weight goes over 500 grams, maybe due to a goPro. So far I'm usually around the 500 gram weight limit after putting a lipo on there.

Raspberry because the arm ends have that crackle paint I love so much, somewhat resembling raspberry colors and texture.

The colors came out very nice, probably one of my favorites yet, and with the Vista and the half priced "Mamba" motors (these are literally the same, just under the name "SparkHobby" and at half the price), this is a great rig.

The cable management is kind of a mess compared to my usual approach, but I was just getting tired of my own dogmatic perfectionism and with that little caddy (the orange bracket that allows for a 20x20 stack and a Vista), you only get like around 16 to 17mm of height, which makes it a bit crammed. The reward is of course a low COG and small overall form factor.

I hovered it inside and kinda LOS cruised around my living room...might adjust the tune a lil, as those motors feel and sound great already.

The stack is currently dirt cheap by the way
the HGLRC esc is for sale on Amazon --> $20
and the FC is for sale on AliExpress --> $15
both with free shipping, that comes out to $35... can't beat that.

Also, not to criticize, but just to add some financial disclosures for accuracy:
frame is a bootleg from AliExpress --> $30 free shipping
motors from SparkHobby (or diatone Mamba...same) --> $36.99 but after shipping $40
receiver BF ELRS --> $10...but can be purchased in bulk for as low as ~$6
DJI Vista... basically the most expensive piece --> $130 free shipping ???...flux, solder, wiring, TPU, screws, paint, PLA... let's be generous here...~$10

So that gets me a grant total of...$225 for an HD quad...5 inch props... that's pretty good I'd say as there are some crappy analog bind and flies selling for more than that. My main focus here... actually I focused on everything, but the main thing besides this just being one of my favorite frames...ever, was the motors. I wanted this frame as a zippy 4S with some digital HD... for under $500, I think this fits the bill..
motors have 2650kv



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