rekon 10'' pro - long range mountain surfer - 26mins flight time

By Creezy187 on Oct 17, 2023

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I WANTED to try a larger build, something that could stand wind, wind here in my country, GUATEMALA are crazy from october - december, i also often go to volcanoes, we have lots of active volcanoes here too, so i wanted best of the best, did my research and went for 10 inch fpv drone, i used rekon 10 inch frame and 3110 motors, i looked for the 900kv ones but were sold out everywhere so bought the 1250kv, i am running 8400mah li-on pack from upgrade energy, these are locally packed in US, i get 26-30+ flight times depending on the way i fly and weather, i also tested it out with 2200mah 6s lipo and got about 8mins.

initially i wanted INAV so i got the skystars HD 3 pro with barometer and a nice m10 chip GPS required also for INAV position hold and Nice RTH feature, i flashed INAV but i never got to tested it out with it cuz i found kinda hard to calibrate everything, so i decided to flash BETAFLIGHT 4.4.2 since all my builds w gps are working just fine and GPS RTH have been working flawlessly.

PID tuning: im actually very surprised with how this build came out like, since is a 10inc build i was expecting a nightmare for tuning, but it flies reaaaaally smooth, i guess arm braces helps a lot with vibrations, so im runing stock pids for now, i been too lazy to go an tune it better yet.

I ran a kinda long range test with it and got about 4km away with no problem but in the only long range test my rardio transmitter lipo pack fell off so i had to turn back home.
overall its a nicee build good for mountain surfing and cloud surfing mid-long range, feel free to reach out and ask questions about it and will be updating this with some youtube video links when perform more test (i do not know how make youtube videos to show here.


Part List


45 x Rekon10 PRO Long Range Frame Kit 10 Inch for FPV Racing Drone (2 builds)

Flight Controller

SkyStarsRC Fly Stack F7 HD Pro3 3-6S 30x30 Stack/Combo (F722 FC / AM60A AM-32 32Bit 60A 4in1 ESC)


4 x iFlight XING2 3110 1250KV FPV Cinelifter Motor for 7inch 8inch 9inch Cinelifter Drones (Pack of 1)


2 x HQ Prop MacroQuad 10x5x3 Tri-Blade 10" Glass Reinforced Prop - CCW (1PC) (3 builds)


HQ Prop MacroQuad 10x5x3R Tri-Blade 10" Glass Reinforced Prop - CW (1PC) (2 builds)

FPV Transmitter

DJI O3 Air Unit Kit (w/ camera module & antennas) (14 builds)


Team Blacksheep TBS Crossfire Immortal T Antenna V2 - Extra Extended - Linear


2 x HGLRC LHCP Long Range Antenna FPV Hammer 2.5dBi Mini 5.8G for RC Drone (2pcs Long UFL)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (1491 builds)


4s P42A 8400mAh 25C Dark Lithium LiIon Drone Battery | Upgrade Energy


RadioMaster TX12 MKII Multi-Protocol EdgeTX 2.4GHz RC Transmitter - Choose Version


DJI Goggles 2 (7 builds)


Flywoo GOKU GM10 Pro V3 GPS w/ Compass (2 builds)


HRB 4pcs 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm Hex Screw Driver Set RC Hex Driver Set Titanium Hexagon Screwdriver Wrench RC Tool Kit for Mult

Misc Parts

Zehhe Copper Foil Tape with Double-Sided Conductive - EMI Shielding,Stained Glass,Soldering,Electrical Repairs,Paper Circuits,Gr (2 builds)

Misc Parts

FlyFishRC DJI O3 Coaxial MIPI Camera Cable - Choose Length200mm

Misc Parts

RDQ 3/8'' x 2ft. Braided Mesh Wire Wrap for ESC and Motor WiresCarbon (45 builds)

Radio Module

TBS Crossfire TX - Long Range R/C Transmitter (9 builds)
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Erasmus   4 days ago  

It looks so beautiful, my kid will probably love to watch crossy road

paxycrone   Nov 23, 2023  

Exactly share some video links too to help.

Creezy187   Dec 11, 2023 

links are in the description bro

ObSpecFPV   Oct 21, 2023  

wow, i built the same recently but had too many wobbles. i finally did tune it so working smoothly. great job!

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ObSpecFPV   Oct 21, 2023 

I run 2600mah and 5200mah. It has been windy here lately so no true tests. However, it is more stable in the wind with the heavier pack and I get about 4 minutes. Not as stable with the lighter pack, but I think I get more time due to the weight. I get about 8 minutes of steady cruising with the lighter pack.

True test will come when the wind does down. I hear it whistling now! (here in Texas, USA). I'll follow up later with my results. I do like the pancake motors, although I think yours are cinelift motors like mine. I used them because I thought it would be a bit more efficient even if not as strong.

ObSpecFPV   Oct 22, 2023 

today I was able to do a true test of battery and flight time. Finally, no wind! I realize that the 5200 is too heavy. I get seven minutes with it. I get nine minutes with the 2600. But the 2600 is too small. I am going to try maybe a 30 or 40. The sweet spot might be 35. I wish I knew more about lion packs, I’ll bet those last much longer…

Creezy187   Oct 22, 2023 

Exactly share some video links too to help. Others going thru the same build, i havent been able to Run Real test. Ill try today a 6s 2200mah ill see how it goes

Jodie Froster   Oct 19, 2023  


Creezy187   Oct 20, 2023 

thank you im getting about 26-30mins with a 8400mah li-on pack its a long ranger beast

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