By Rotorenpilot on Nov 22, 2023

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Love this frame. Every time I see one I just think of it as the "perfect canvas". Also, the compact almost sandwich style profile makes me assume it has some pretty good flying characteristics.

Another thing about this build is that it's my first attempt to break into 6S... mainly just to see what everyone is talking about. I came up on some 6S batteries, fixing broken wires and balance leads for some friends, so why not do a quick build to fly them..?

I also made myself a model on the DRL simulator that closely models this setup and flying it in the simulator has been pretty fun

For some reason the parts took forever to get here, longer than usual, which is why I didn't build it faster, but the wait helped to make some decisions I noticed, as it gave me more time to think.

Just finished this baby today...but now it's raining, so I hovered it indoors... not optimal, but it'll do for now. Can't wait to take this out for a test flight.

One thing I noticed that's a bit strange...and perhaps also a reason why the cage design has changed and this older style is not that popular...the camera cage is very much "in-view".

So after flying the 4th pack on this rig I have some observations --> super nice and snappy rig, handles really well, nice hang time, very responsive, not really too "floaty", more of a "locked in" feel, but one thing that is lacking...I don't really get the whole 6S hype feel... feels very similar to 4S to me, maybe I just have to fly more to feel the difference.

Quick update on the 6S experience with this frame:
today I ripped a brand new 6S tatuu pack and it was just pure joy. Great power on the throttle punches, super nice hang time and over 8 minutes of flight time...the pack wasn't even empty yet, cells were at around 3.6 to 3.7... coulda probably went for another minute or two.

I did like the feel of 6S...not too sure I'll be switching my other rigs just yet, but I understand some of the appeal now.



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Jodie Froster   Nov 22, 2023  

What kv are your motors? Your build doesn't look heavy. The things that can make your quad not REALLY perform: bad batteries, low kv, or too much weight. If your packs are old, or they are frankenpacks, that's prolly what's up (just try a new pack, 1 flight will tell you, just borrow one). Otherwise, if it's NOT motor kv, you might have set your motor output too low?

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Jodie Froster   Dec 02, 2023 

The amp rating is per corner, so your 60A is really rated to burst to 240amps total. I have a a few 5" rigs that hit 120-135amps at peak, and they will do that every flight for years, so hundreds of times

Rotorenpilot   Dec 05, 2023 

woah that's a lot...also --> good to know, thank you for that info

I have some video from this weekend, I'll figure out a way to post it later... I think I can embed a YouTube link ..would prefer some Google drive but what the hey .. whatever works.

My flying is not that great yet.. I just started a few months ago and I have a job and all that junk..😂 I don't get much time to practice, but the DVR footage looks ok, I think.

Rotorenpilot   Dec 06, 2023 

I just tried embedding a video here, but I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I looked up the markdown syntax and at other posts that had YouTube vids embedded, tried the same syntax, but without success (basically the iframe as supplied by YouTube in a div with a class called "iframe-wrapper")...but what the hey..?

Here's a link

Also I looked at the kV and read a post and it made sense. I usually fly 2550 kV motors, that should be a "constand velocity" of 4 times (4S) 2550 ~ 10200 rpm given prop size, torque etc. Now taking a 6S pack with 1750 kV motors is only 6 times 1750 = 10500 rpm..that's almost the same, so there shouldn't be that big a difference.

I think I just like that quad, and the long flight time is due to the pack being a giant 2000mAh tattu pack..I hope I can get out more and learn how to actually fly now

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