By Rotorenpilot on Jan 22, 2024

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So the name comes originally from whoever is selling the conversion kit on Ali Express.

This is really just a Mobula 7 conversion to another frame. Well... of course I couldn't resist to paint it : )

I also re-soldered some wires, since I didn't like the cable management and did some other minor adjustments.

... thinking about changing the camera, not because I don't like the mobula cam, but more due to how I can mount it in this weird frame.

Just gave it a hover and quick indoor testflight. Flies ok, but feels a little bit on the heavier side with 450mAh 2S LiPos...gonna look for something lighter and adjust the tune, as it's not too heavy, gonna weigh later, but for now it looks pretty cool.



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Rice_Bowl   Mar 27, 2024  

Im actually interested in those ducts cause they look pretty light. Was looking for something like it for a CF 75 frame I'm working on rn. Do you happen to know how heavy the ducts are?

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Rotorenpilot   Mar 28, 2024 

yo, that is so cool

are you selling those frames?

Rice_Bowl   Mar 29, 2024 

I plan to but likely just here locally in the Philippines. If you like my frame I suggest Spezilover's Quatro frame ( as its similar to mine but he can ship internationally. I might partner up with him soon so he can sell my frames too but thats not yet a sure thing.

Honestly this format works with any carbon fiber frame and any ducts as long as they have the same wheelbase and FC mounting holes. The only thing my Hachidorrii V2 frame has above other similar frames is resonance characteristics being a little better and less weight.

I can send you a DXF file if you want to try it out if you have a way to cnc CF

Rotorenpilot   Mar 29, 2024 

Yes, that guy's page is also great for tinies, It's like his specialty. If you get your stuff in his shop I'll definitely support... cause I want that frame 😁

I wish I had some access to a sweet CNC mill...I used to be able to use the one at my local community college, but I haven't taken a class since before much has changed. But hey, now we're all 3D printing, which is also cool

wind_rapport   Jan 24, 2024  

def looks cool as hell and the paint is a nice touch

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