By Rotorenpilot on Sep 14, 2023

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This build is mainly an attempt to get some better analog video, since my previous 800mW builds don't really go as far as I wish them to.

The process is a lot of figuring out if I'm going with 2.5 watts or 1.6W. I actually ended up with the TBS unify pro32 (which claims to go up to 1Watt), which apparently needs to hook up to this "TBS agent" to turn on smart audio, but that was pretty quick to figure out. I'm still on 4S packs, right now that's what it's gonna be, until I get a bit better at flying.

Again, this setup is aiming mainly at better video and learning how to fly without being scared to crash.

At this point I'll shut up about price... it's just mind boggling to me how affordable these parts have become... lately I'm just grabbing parts..4 motors left and right, often for under $40 for all four...what could go wrong...lol

Ok, so today i did the hover test and it passed. I'll go to the office Park later and give that VTx some field testing.

I know this started out as a "don't make it too pretty, so you can crash it"...kinda build... it's really grown on me these past couple o days though.

Update as of December 2023 --> At the moment this is actually one of my favorite rigs. Pretty responsive and nice flying characteristics, I think the frame is pretty close to true X and center of gravity is where it should be.

Early 2024 update: I finally managed to bend the capacitor that sort of hung out the side since it had to make room for the TBS video transmitter, the beeper and receiver. This gave me an opportunity to flip the ESC and tuck everything away nice and neat the way it should've been. For the initial design I ran the XT60 connector mounted towards the back. This made strapping on batteries a pain and during my first couple of packs the straps came loose and I quickly dubbed the rig "battery eater". To run the leads out front I still had to carve the top plate out a little bit, but this time around it ended up looking so much cleaner.

Strange how this project just keeps looking better with time.



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Rotorenpilot   Dec 20, 2023  

just gonna hide these two videos here...since they are more of a study, rather than something I want to share...but I also care little about critique, as I was just trying stuff:

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