75mm Walksnail Cruiser Whoop

By Tokyo_Dom on Sep 06, 2023

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This whoop doesnt have anything spectacular on it or any real claim to fame (unlike my 65mm Walksnail whoop), except that I think it gets much longer flight times than many others I have seen online.

Thats flying on a near-new yellow label GNB 600mah 1s battery. I cant find this size anymore, only the 660mah. The newer battery is fatter and may not fit in the frame. Its a pity because this battery is a great size/weight!

And since this FC has blackbox on it I can do some cool stuff like stabilizing the onboard recorded footage with gyroflow

Of course I built this to be as light as possible, and this is why it is so efficient. It is a hair under 27g without battery - 40.72g with the 600mah battery from that flight above.
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I am using the 1s Mini Avatar kit. This comes up as quite a bit heavier than the 1s Lite, but, when you remove the camera backing plate + screws, and the metal heatsink from the VTX, the weight difference is only 0.45g heavier than the 1s lite (excluding antenna - so i replaced it with the TW Smol antenna which is an amazing 0.3g!)
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(there is a bit of kapton tape between the Smol antenna and the back of the camera to prevent any shorting out there)

This build uses the Mobula7 V2 frame, the lightest 75mm frame available (4.2g). It uses Azi props, which are the lightest 40mm tri-blade props. The motors arent particularly light (RS0802 20000kv) but these are all i had on hand, and I am really happy with the power/flight times so i will stick with these for now. The canopy is the Mobula6/7 HDZ canopy which is one of, if not the lightest hard shell canopies available. I am using titanium m2x3mm screws to hold the camera into the canopy.
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I did print out some 2.5mm tall 'tubes' to use as spacers on top of the regular sized FC gummies (tpu 95a). This works out lighter than using the longer gummies used in many HD builds. The top of the VTX PCB is flush with the frame canopy mounting posts.

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Frame is mounted 'sideways' (Battery goes in sideways) so that the USB port does not hit the battery. This also means that motor plugs can no longer be used (thats preferable anyway, since its saved weight, and less problems with broken wires near the plugs). I had to cut grooves in the bottom of the ducts to give room for the motor wires between the ducts and the battery when inserted. If you are doing this build you will see what is necessary there.

So far i've not had many major issues with durability - Azi props are fragile, and I have broken 3 of them now. And I have done one frame swap. But none of the hardware has failed. I would rather replace frames and props than VTX or FC!



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macrokernel   Nov 02, 2023  

Nice build!
I've seen your 65mm build, where you installed the FC underneath the frame to keep center of mass more compact. Just curious, why haven't you done the same with this build?
Another question: can you please share your Gyroflow IMU orientation setting for this FC? I tried figuring it out by analyzing gyro plots, but did not succeed.

macrokernel   Nov 04, 2023 

I guess it is because the FC won't fit under the v2 frame, and you chose v2 over v4 because of its lower weight?

Tokyo_Dom   Mar 21, 2024 

Hey, sorry i didnt see these comments on this thread. I guess you have already found the same thing now. The only 75mm frame that allows an under-frame FC mounting is the Mobula7 V4 frame, and as you said, it is quite a bit heavier (1.5g heavier to be exact). Also, i had 3 of these V2 frames so i figured i would just keep using them while they last. And that wont be long... I crack a duct almost every crash during winter, so theres a lot of E6000 on this whoop now.

For a 2s whoop though you MUST use a V3 or V4 frame, the extra weight of the battery will smash these V2 frames instantly. And being 2s you dont need to worry about a gram or two extra, you have all the power you need to overcome that. V4 will require you to cut the battery tray though, so will need some creativity there.

macrokernel   Mar 23, 2024 

Hi Dom, thanks for the reply and no worries.

macrokernel   Nov 04, 2023  

I am going to build a 2s whoop with FC under the frame. My first candidate is Mobula v3 frame, but I am also looking at Meteor75, as there is a nice choice of colours. Do you know if it supports this kind of FC installation?

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