RotorRiot Cl1 VS Workhorse (R.I.P)

By James17 on Jul 18, 2023

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This quad has been through everything. It's been ripped through parks, fields, and forests, has ascended mountains in the Sierras, and has been stuck atop an 150ft oak tree. It now lives eternally at the bottom of the ocean, 30ft from shore. Chasing fireworks, mixed with fog, and I'll let your imagination do the rest. I think it's lost forever, or is it? Stay tuned because I'm building Peter Sripol's pvc submarine for reconnaissance. I'll update this page if I find it, fingers crossed.

Frame: the Cl1 VS frame is one of the best freestyle frames I've ever used. It's a perfect balance between durability and weight. The arms do tend to break near the motor mount in hard concrete crashes, but over dirt and most types of freestyle they're more than adequit. It aslo manages vibrations really well, making it very easy to tune. As this frame is now being dicontinued by RR, the better, but more expensive Vannystyle frame is a great option.

Fc: The Foxeer f722 v2 fc used in this build is hands down the most durable flight controller I've ever used to date. It had a great pad layout and came with an excellent tune. It survived even while the quad was stuck in the tree and rained on for multiple months before I yanked it out by flying climbing rope up with another quad. Who's the drone retrieval master now? All jokes aside a great fc. Now that it's dicontinued the v3 and v4 versions look to be just as good if not better.

Esc: the Hakrc 30a worked great. Looking back I shouldn't have used it since I was running it on 6s, even though it was only rated for 5s. Oops. I got it because it was cheap and I wanted to cut costs witht this quad. I built this right after losing my first 5 inch to the ocean. Does history repeat itself? Yes, it absolutley does.

Motors: the Emax Eco II motors where the biggest surprise out of the build. I used them because they where cheap at the time (only $12.99 in 2022). For the price, they looked great, had ample power and throttle resolution, and where reasonably durable. I would definetly use them again in a future build.

Video link: I used the runcam link with the v1 phoenix camera. It's dji. It's great. I can't really comment more.

Overall this was my favorite build. I really have to stop flying over the ocean haha. Feel free to ask me any questions, and check out my youtube channel if you have time.



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