The Spezilicious 65

By SpeziLover on Apr 13, 2023

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Spezilicious 65 - a high end pusher whoop

NEW: Check out the Spezilicious 75

The beginning
This is the final result of my Pusher Mod for the Betafpv Meteor Pro Frame. If you don't know the project, please read here first:

A Pusher conversion kit
The Spezilicious 65 is a Pusher micro whoop 65mm based on the meteor pro frame. Because of its light weight, 35mm props and carbon stabilization it's a very powerful whoop.


  • 65mm frame size
  • 35mm props
  • 18.5g weight possible (depends on your setup) --> Lowest weight with mixed printed top plate, nylon screws and 0702 motors
  • 1.5mm carbon fiber top plate
  • built modularly (you can switch liposot position and liposlotsize)
  • mounting option for HDzero,HD aio and more (stackable build)
  • Fly different flight controllers. You are not dependent on Cross X Flight controllers. You are able to fly full size Flight Controllers !

Yes. This frame has possibility to fly different flight controllers with the Meteor Pro frame and 35mm props without worsening the center of gravity (using spacers for fc is not a good option).It is also built modularly. That means you can switch between different sized battery slots and also fly different positions (top mounted, bottom mounted and more versions...). Check out There u can see some lipo position. I realy like switching between 333mah and 305er mylipo batterys. The 333 have a different form factor but a higher C rating, which you can definitely feel. Especially for racing it's cool to choose the lipo depending on the track. I get about 15-20% more flight time on larger tracks with 333, but it's hard to say exactly. On small UTT I need more agility and use light batteries... and I'm not a fan of rubber bands or anything on whoops. That's not clean and make problems on this size in my opinion.
Updated NEW BATTERY: The 300er Bonka 1s 75c batterys (stripped 0.2g lighter than stripped whoop sticks) are perfect for the spezilicious65.

1.5mm carbon izeman top plate
Some people may wonder why there is no camera mount built on the carbon top plate. The reasons for this are 1. sturdiness, 2. flexible component selection and 3. no low profile. let me explain:
By using a TPU canopy the whoop is well protected against taking damage on the full upper side. If only the carbon plate were the highest part of the whoop, it would break very quickly. The idea was a kind of "fusion" of the carbon with the TPU. Another reason is mounting fpv cam on the carbon plate would only make sense as a low profile. However i personally don't like low profiles. I like my cam to be placed little further back and in a higher position. Just classic. Furthermore, the selection of possible FPV cams would be very limited because of the small space between ducts and carbon top plate. But it is important for me that different canopys and FPV cams can be used. The pilot must keep his choice of Canopy and FPV Cam.

I tried different designs of the carbon plate in consultation with Izeman. Diagonal struts get realy good results, but would not have the requirements I have already described. So the result is to be seen as a compromise to ensure the diversity of components... but still with very, very good results. Another requirement for me was to make the carbon plate as light as possible. This is the reason why it is for example only mounted with 1 screw on each motor. The carbon top plate is mounted with one metal screw. For the two other Motor Screws you can use lite Reny Screws. If you would mount the carbon top plate with reny screws, the screws would break very quickly because of the force impact. In my opinion one screw mounted top plate is enough for a 1s low weight whoop. But i think you will have a small selection of top plates in the future.

... the Spezilicious 65 S
If you scroll down and look at the pictures you will see a V2. The V2 is the latest version and is called Spezilizious S. The "S" stands for stackable. So what has changed?
The top plate now has another connection with the whoop frame and the sides (see pictures). These can be used to create stackable builds. E.g. for an HD zero VTX or a DVR board. The camera can be set higher (see pictures).
A HDzero vtx is well protected and the center of gravity remains compact. Unfortunately I don't have an HDzero, but the dimensions fit. There are multiple builds in the community. Even the HDzero Lite Cam fits in the Canopy. The Spezilicious (V1) is slightly lighter (around 0.3g). But overall the Spezilicious S (V2) is the better product cause of the stackable function and replaced the V1. If you want the lightest Setup it is better to choose the V2 as mixed printed top plate (-0.4g weight).

Full Spezi Setup updated 10/23:
19.0g weight with 0802 power @35mm Props !
Frame: Spezilicious 65 Lite with mixed printed top plate
Fc: Diamond elrs
Motors: Tinywhoop 0802 27.000kv
Cam: Runcam Nano 3
Canopy: Spezi's remixed Nerdcopter Canopy (included in my kits)
Props: Gemfan 35mm
weight: 19g
Lipo: switchable mylipo 333mah 60C / 305 mah 50C / Bonka 300 75C

Lipomount update 10/23
New foldable Lipomount which is mounted on the outside holes of the betafpv pro frame available on thingiverse and included in all kits now.

  • 0.4g lighter
  • custom lipo size (choose ur battery)
  • Lipomount easy switchable cause mounting now on the outside holes.

Recommend in TPU 56D. PETG works also pretty good.

What do i need, Spezi?
Kits are available @rchangar15 @mylipo and in my shop It's a DIY kit with all u need but without ELECTRONICS. It is a frame kit! You have to drill holes and remove struts of the meteor frame. If you have any questions about where to ship, you can contact me on Instagram. You can try the Diamond meteor pro free version without top plate but a lot of parts that you can play with --> Biggest Problem is to get good lite stack screws. My kits have included them!

Izeman from Austria implemented my ideas for the carbon top plate and gave me advices. Without him this project would not have come about. Thank you very much!
Thanks to Nerdcopter for his canopy.

Kits available here:


Watch Video for all info

(german,subtitles available)



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FPVrs   Dec 11, 2023  

Huge respect for your work!
Are you sharing tunes for both 65mm and 75mm ?

SpeziLover   Dec 13, 2023 

Hi. Tunes are available for both. However the 75er tune is for the cinewhoop version. Links are available in my youtube video descriptions.

thomasfrank   Oct 27, 2023  

Very impressive

choppergirl   Apr 15, 2023  
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choppergirl   Jul 19, 2023 

Accounting said that also about the blinky lights Apollo Guidance Computer.

Then they really howled when they saw the completely unnecessary from an engineering standpoint gold foil on the Eagle lunar lander module design.

We got both approved anyway. But not the wet bar.

But we did get all the black girl comptuers we wanted because... affirmative action.
That and.. the Cray-1 simply did not exist yet.

Someone email me and build me a Choppergirl Hoola Hoop Special™

wind_rapport   Jul 19, 2023 

holy hell stfu - annoying af; almost as bad as your content. Please promote this shite somewhere else. I can't even laugh it's like disgustingly cringey damn

choppergirl   Sep 27, 2023 

go fuck yourself

REAL 406FPV   Jun 26, 2023  

how can i get your carbon plates?

SpeziLover   Jun 26, 2023 

rchangar 15 or

LynxFPV   Apr 20, 2023  

Wow 😳!
you sir have created a truly amazing whoop amongst whoops. Plus the massively detailed description! if there was a FPV quad magazine i could totally see this being on the cover/center fold. well done, well done 👏👏👏

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