Fractal 75 1s

By Darylk on Mar 17, 2023

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*Update on 4/2 I moved the thicker frame (carbon fiber portion) to a 2s Fractal 75 I am building and put the thinner stock frame back in and lost 0.6 grams. of weight. Now weighing 24.9g.

Once I saw this frame I had to have it. Started with the 65mm and now have two 75mm frames. This one will be 1s, the 2nd will be 2s. Please notice that this is a whoop in compressed X layout.

JHEMCU GSF405 FC is, in my opinion, the best whoop FC currently. At 3.3 grams with built in ELRS I would still favor this over the new blheli32 - T-motor FC. Paired it with HGLRC 0802 at 25k kv and an TBS unify nano pro 32 VTX and thats about it. The fractal frames have option to come with or without whoop frame (cut it up). We cut the frame into pieces and attach to the carbon baseplate. Creative TPU usage to boot. Whoops suffer from huge frame vibrations. On a 411cpu with rpm filtering its like flying a turd on most flight controllers. The 405 CPU is much better than 411 and this frame makes a good pairing as there is very little plastic to vibrate. The sacrificed whoop frame was a flywoo and is stiffer than anything from house BetaFPV. Fractal offers thicker carbon as well and this frame is the thicker option. I may have to move this carbon to th 2s when I build it and move the thinner carbon to this quad, we'll see.

Durability... I have a bag with about 6 broken newbeedrone "extremely durable" frames. I have yet to damage a Fractal quad. I like to fly fast around close proximity objects. I was pit crew for my brother when he was in a racing club and always I wanted to go fast too. Got injured to the point of not doing anything physical again so I fly quads to get my speed on. I do laps around my yard after work to forget about the work day. Lots of metal. Light pole, railings, etc. This frame just bounces off metal when impacted. Its remarkble. Activate crash recovey in betaflight and its like never hitting the ground..

Fractal gives us short screws as they designed this to be around the happymodel diamond 411fc but mounted upside down making the odddly placed usb accessible. Really wanted the F405 so I drilled out the holes larger and sent glass filled nylon screws up from the bottom to mount the FC and then layer a TBS toothpick mounting board. on top. Tying off the antenna keeps it stable. Camera is a runcam nano3 and not much else will fit. I have a caddx ant light ready for the 2s that will be posted next. Cant fit a ratel nano. Could but it would be aimed parralel with the frame as the front flight controller mounting screw restricts the camera angle. Thinner the camera is the more angle you will get. Its the only negative attribute about this frame that I can mention. Running bluejay firmware of course. Added BT2.0 and it really makes a difference with the motors. I dont like to go more than 30 some percent on batteries, a 450 would be too heavy and not as fun. 300mah is perfect. On fractals site they offer STL and step files of their TPU. Within is a double decker battery holder inviting the 2s thought. Best 75mm I have buit yet or the most fun to fly.

First flight this year 4/04/2023:

Link should stream on a phone, desktop may ask to DL



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mdma.fpv   Apr 03, 2023  

DVR looks like HDzero.
Is it really analog?

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mdma.fpv   Apr 03, 2023 

Delete spaces from above links

Darylk   Apr 04, 2023 

Having a hand to face moment, thank you for asking. I was on hdzero last year with a VRX on the front of my skyzone04x. I'm injured and the added weight was too much on my neck (compressed disks touching nerve cortex's). Combined with the other nuances (low quality hardware and cheap cables) I tapped out off hdzero and sold it all. Was on dji the year before and have gone back to analog for this year. It was nice but cant justify the $$ for the state of the technology. I really need to upload new vids, apologies for not catching on your first inquiry. Rain for the next few days. Will have new vid uploaded for Fri or Sat.

Darylk   Apr 04, 2023 

new video uploaded, forgive the quality. need to work on vtx to get above wifi interference.

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