3s 3" Toothpick 1204 5000kv

By agressive_owl on Feb 28, 2023

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Really stoked on this build. It has a lot of punch and the battery life from a 3s 650mah with Bi-Blade 3018 props is over 7 minutes with some cruising mixed in. Around 5 minutes flying it hard. About 30 seconds less with the Tri-Blade props. Total weight with a Tattu 3s 650mah is 131.4g, with no battery the quad sits at 79.8g. Currently flying it with the UAV Tech Toothpick tune and it has responded well to that. Will probably flash Bluejay 48KHz on the ESC's after flying it for a bit on the stock ESC software.

Batteries: Tattu 3s 650mah (51.6g)
Props: Gemfan Bi-Blade 3018 and Tri-Blade HQ 3x1.8x3



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LynxFPV   May 06, 2023  

I'm impressed, i might adopt this build. i built a 2" speed demon with 1207 rcinpower motors thats really a lipo killer. and was searching for ideas to scrap it for something more ideal. so 3" works well with 1204?

tehllama   May 03, 2023  

Definitely try this on 48kHz PWM, definitely seems to work best for me in this weight range.

Flufio   Mar 19, 2023  

Is the antenna integrated on the board?

agressive_owl   Mar 31, 2023 

yes, the ELRS rx is integrated. there is a U.FL connector for an antenna

agressive_owl   Mar 31, 2023 

in the photos on scale, there is a linear antenna plugged in under the canopy

Flufio   Apr 01, 2023 

Thank you

scirocco   Mar 01, 2023  

coool I am using almost same configuration prop/motors with 4S 15/18A without problem! I think you can try 4S with 35A is very safety?!

agressive_owl   Mar 01, 2023 

Yeah, haven't tried 4s yet. The FC and ECS's are rated for up to 6s, so 4s would be safe. It would be crazy fast on 4s.

agressive_owl   Feb 28, 2023  

add 1.5g for the RHCP lolipop i left off of it lol

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