Mobigital7 "The Mob"

By airrage on Jan 04, 2023

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Came across the videos from @Dax Neal and @Nick Burns on the digital whoop concept. (check them out on yt) I decided to give it a go afterall the whoop brought me into the game somewhat 6yrs ago.

My first attempt I used the Zeus10 aio which imploded at the first power on with nothing else connected, the bord swoll on one side and poof, nothing but smoke. So that was my first and last Zeus product. I orderen a JHEMCU aio next, as I always use their aio's on micros and toothpicks wihtout ANY issues.

The smaller the build the bigger the curse words used! Motorpads on this aio are stupidly small, let that be a warning for future buyers of this aio. I bought it for the many uarts for its size as well as the 3.3v pads and the fact it weighs 3.3gr! Nick Burns mentioned this board and recommended it due to the internal ELRS being non-SPI so can be flashed and treated as a external rx.

I went for the Aeolus 1103 10.000Kv motors which I regretted right away after unboxing. Two look have a different looking bell and cheap wire isolation the stuff that melts as soon as you tip it with a soldering iron. They luckily are all the same size and kv, right after testing motor directions and hearing the bearing on 2 of them these Aeolus motors also going on my black list.

I foresee that poking out usb connnector breaking or bend and then break overtime so for convenience and precautions slapped a Flywoo BT nano on it weighing a whopping 0.3gr. Well worth it imo!

Printed the camera mount with purple tpu, the stl's can be found on printables look for "dax.neal". Total weight of 41.24gr I can shave a gram or 2 off but for the sake of rigidity I won't.

Maidend her in the livingroom in the middle of the night, all went smooth. This will be alot of fun! running 2s tattu's 450mah for now.

  • Mobula7 v3 frame
  • JHEMCU GSF405A‐BMI aio internal ELRS flashed to 3.2.1
  • Flywoo BT nano v2
  • Aeolus 1103 10.000Kv
  • Hqprop 40mm tri blade
  • Caddx vista + Nebula Pro nano
  • TBS linear antenna



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duke_vah   Jan 05, 2023  

nice build, man! I want to build one too but not sure it is fast enough for whoop racing. Looking forward to seeing some videos.

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