Spezis Racewhoop - 17.2g weight - lightest whoop with 35mm props

By SpeziLover on Dec 14, 2022

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Spezis Racewhoop - world first light whoop 17.2 g / 35mm props
Check out my previous mod:

Note: For this Mod you have to do cutouts at the ducts. Many competitions (Igow, Racegow, US Races) only accept fully ducted whoops. This whoop does not have the requirements for some competitions. If you also want to compete, check out my Pusher Mod. https://rotorbuilds.com/build/30190

This is the lightest whoop on 35mm props.
A new mod makes it possible to fly the Meteor Pro Frame sub 20 g. This time as normal upright whoop.

Why do we need a mod?
The goal is to fly a light whoop on 35mm props. However, you can only mount Betafpv FC (external VTX necessary) in the Betafpv meteor pro frame, which is the reason for a higher weight. The frame uz65 got similiar problems and overall is not as good as the betafpv pro.

Why not mounting another fc with aio rx and vtx?
The problem is it doesn't fit in. You would have to put the flight controller higher with spacers. This causes the problem that the whole profile of the whoop gets higher which also negatively affects the center of gravity. We cut out pieces and add a printed PLA stabilization which also has new motor cable protections. With this new way it is possible that different flight controllers fits well into the frame.

Advantages of my Mod:

  • Easy to reach sub 20 grams on 35 mm props !!
  • you can use Happymodel FCs (Full size and Diamond FC) in meteor pro frame

What do you need?

The Mod:

  • We cut out the inside of each duct where a normal full size flight controller would press on the frame. (Check out picture 4)
  • Since we removed parts of the ducts the frame is very unstable. In addition, the motor cables are not protected.
  • This STL: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5712441 is designed to bring back stability. Furthermore, these small struts protecting the motor cables of each motor. bend them slightly around the motor cables and push them inward.
  • Like in the previous pusher mod we remove struts to improve airflow and save weight
  • Without removing the struts, the additional weight due to the printed STL is only +0.15 g.(see pictures)
  • If you also remove the struts, the weight is below that of a stoked meteor pro frame.
  • place the printed PLA part in the frame (picture 4)
  • build your whoop as usual
  • (additionally. Did you know that there are pads under the camera connector of the Diamond FCs for soldering cameras directly? You can save about 0.3 grams by soldering the camera directly.)

Spezis Racewhoop
Since we know how the mod is done. What are the best parts?
This is my setup:

  • happymodel diamond fc
  • 0702 hm 26.000kv motors (--> I also recommend 0802 rcin 27.000kv)
  • 2/3 nylon screws per motor
  • 20 awg BT2.0 lipo cable
  • runcam nano 3
  • angry dons tpu mount
  • meteor pro frame with 35mm gemfan props

At first it was just a test. I was skeptical if the motor cable protectors might break or get caught in the propellers. But that didn't happen once.It is important to print them in 100% infill pla or abs.
I've been flying this kind of whoop for a few days and also in one race. There were no problems. It is also very crash resistant.
As with the Pusher Mod, the combination of light weight and 35mm props feels very powerfull.

For more details follow me @ insta: https://www.instagram.com/spezi_lover/?hl=de

Thx and have fun.



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Rice_Bowl   Nov 06, 2023  

would you prefer the Happymodel 0702 motors or the betafpv 0702 motors for 35mm Props?

Mr_Stripes   Apr 02, 2023  

I have 3 questions:
1) How does if feel with 0702 vs 0802? Do the motors have enough authority?
2) What FC did you use in the build with the orange frame?
3) What tune are you running?

Thanks for the awesome build!

SpeziLover   Apr 03, 2023 
  1. 0702 have a different throttle resolution. Thrust at low/mid throttle is less than 0802. Some pilots prefer that. I personally don't.
  2. This is a crazybee F4 board which is also used in the Mobula 6.
  3. I fly my own tunes. The pusher version will be available in a few German shops with some updates in near future. There will be an instruction video in which I will also publish my tune. Unfortunately, you can't compete with this upright version, which is why I put more focus on the pusher. They fly very similar.
Mr_Stripes   Apr 03, 2023 

So you would say that there is slightly more less low end authority on the 0702? I think I will convert my 0702 whoop to a 65 pro frame and try the PMB 31mm whoop tune which is my personal favorite.

rb   Feb 22, 2023  

I'm waiting for a Meteor65 Pro frame to try this build! I've just printed the STL struts on the thingiverse, but I noticed that it's a bit larger than a standard whoop board mounting pattern. The standard whoop mounting pattern is 25.5x25.5mm, but the printed struts have hole to hole more than 26mm, almost 26.5mm. Is it something wrong with my 3d printing setup, or it is by design to be larger? Thanks!

SpeziLover   Feb 23, 2023 

I made the struts a little larger so that they push the frame with little force outwards. It has been shown that this gives the frame more stability than just a custom-fit strut that just falls into the holes. You have to know that since we removed part of the ducts the frame is a little bit more unstable. Try it. I hope you like it.

Madcatmike3d   Dec 26, 2022  

I am so stoked to see someone finally do this up correctly!! I had attempted to do the same thing, but ended up giving up due to lack of space for the FC. However, I ended up with a Fractal Engineering F65 frame, and built it out with the Meteor65 pro ducts and 35mm props. With the F65 frame you can run a much larger selection of FC's. I ended up with a 22g dry weight, using the Tiny Whoop Danger Onesie 27k kv motors (steel mounting screws) and an FpvCycle Zeez babytooth fc with an ep1 and Tbs pro32 nano. So weight could be shaved off of it still. I will try to make a post on here about it, to share. I've been really interested in the potential of the 35mm props. Cant wait to see some DVR!!!

SpeziLover   Dec 28, 2022 

Thanks. Cool to read this. I know the build which you are talking about. Definitely nice too. The problem is that weight really does matter. Especially when flying very tight, small UTTs like IGOW or Racegow.... 22 grams would be flyable but not perfect. I'll upload a DVR next days... But I'm back on my pusher setup right now. It flies pretty much the same https://rotorbuilds.com/build/30190. DVR is here

MoogyFPV   Dec 16, 2022  

Impressive weight for a whoop with 35mm props!

stffn   Dec 15, 2022  

best fuckin guide for a racewhoop so

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