My Open Source Freestyle Frame - Hex Evo

By SlightlyScratchedCorolla on Apr 01, 2022

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Apparently, the AOS5 V2 developed by Chris Rosser has a hella similar arm structure to my frame. But please refer to my previous build, which should prove that I did no copying. My Hex Evo is now open sourced for all to play.

6mm arms, 234mm wheelbase true x, 5mm front and back strut, 2mm plates.

Changes from my previous version to this "Evo" version:
-120g to 124g (I know you hate the extra 4g, and I do too);
-Added 6mm spine in the middle (where the extra 4g comes from) for awesome LONG TERM rigidity;
-Slimmer mid and bottom plate;
-Replaced the nylock nuts with pressnuts: easier to unscrew an arm and slightly lighter weight;
-Stronger top plate front end
-Two options of arms: regular and devil horn

Before you send it to a CNC, please refer to the two recommended carbon cut layouts in Thingiverse for the optimal performance.


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FPVCycle 25mm Motor - The Extra Smooth One (22 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Caddx Vista Unit for DJI Digital HD FPV (No Camera) (92 builds)
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TBS Tracer Nano RX (7 builds)
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ChrisCro82   Apr 23, 2022  

I must admit that i really like the design of this frame. Is there any way you can post a video of it from YouTube?

It seems the FB links won't allow me to watch the videos.

SkylabFPV   Apr 12, 2022  

Have you posted any video of it in action?

SkylabFPV   Apr 13, 2022 

Thanks! Always love seeing what people are doing in the frame space. Not a big fan of the traditional designs myself but I understand why they are popular. Loved hearing what Rosser had to say about the Apex. But you definitely beat him to the punch with your design!

nguyentrungduc   Apr 12, 2022  

Very nice frame. Can I use 5mm carbon for the amrs?

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Apr 13, 2022 

You certainly could. But it'll be a major compromise on durability because the arms are pretty narrow.

JacksonMiller   Apr 12, 2022  

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kwadkenstine   Apr 01, 2022  

Thanks! , Now i have to get some carbon , I built a cnc but have not properly got my head around the cad programs , being extremely dyslexic i struggle with cad programs and such,
Thank you for sharing .

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Apr 01, 2022 

Oh shit kwadkenstine got a cnc? Pilots behold, some insane stuff dropping soon.

czorio   Apr 04, 2022 

Be super careful of CF dust, it's actively bad for your health to breath that stuff. Asbestos level bad, that is.

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