Gmork V2 (7" F2 Mito 275) LONG RANGER

By WizzX on Mar 14, 2022

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As V1 was with crappy Radiolink reciever, new one is with TBS diversity, GPS, camera more in front and lot of 3D parts.
This is just update of V1 GMork:

In first version there was no place for GPS (as Mito F2 is mostly freestile frame, also there was prop in camera view. so I did GPS "sting" and offset camera forward. Also holes for silicon tubes for holding gopro session to have some dumping for Gyroflow.

Despite is 6" frame I put 7" ones on it and with no prop in view.
As usual started with sketchup and caliper, this was a plan to build (front props mower stile)
I really like how close are those 7" props on 6" frame
Alt Tag
Alt Tag

all 3D parts was SLA printed from flexible resin (F39)
Alt Tag

concept of camera most in front and GPS out of electrical noise tilted 30°
Alt Tag

this was just test version (half of the part) XT60, capacitor and LEDs inside a 3D print
Alt Tag

camera in front, so more place to fit finder
Alt Tag
Alt Tag

Alt Tag
Alt Tag

electronic was mostly same as on V1, just a bit nicer cable management, all cables twisted.
Alt Tag

one UART for reciever and one for INAV telemetry
Alt Tag

original heatsink removed from VTX and add heatpad toucing top carbon plate.
Alt Tag
[Alt Tag

and first idea was to place antenas on arms (but after cuting them with props found out that is not good idea
Alt Tag

so place them on gopro do the job:
Alt Tag

an By the way, this is diagram of connection:
Alt Tag

thank you:)


Part List


F2 Mito GS fibre de carbone 195/220/250/275mm Freestyle Stretch X Kit de cadre pour RC FPV course Drone bricolage jouets

Flight Controller

Holybro – Kakute F7 AIO V1.5 contrôleur de vol avec OSD PDB capteur de courant baromètre pour Drone RC (2 builds)


IFlight succx 50A V2 Slick 2 6 S BLHeli_32 Dshot1200 ESC unique avec LED RGB pour Drone RC FPV Racing


Moteur sans balais Emax RSII 2306, 4 6S, 1600/1700/1900/2400/2600kv, course d'origine, CW CCW pour FPV


Gemfan – hélice PC à 3 pales Flash 7040 7x4x3, 2 paires, pour RC FPV, Freestyle Racing, longue portée de 7 pouces, pièces

FPV Camera

RunCam – Mini caméra FPV Phoenix édition Oscar 1000tvl 1/3, Super 120dB WDR, contrôle OSD FC pour Drone de course RC, 2.1mm (2 builds)

FPV Transmitter

AKK – transmetteur Audio intelligent commuté, 250mW/500mW/1000mW/2000mW/5.8 mW, Ghz, 40ch FPV, émetteur Raceband et micro


FOXEER – antenne pagode PRO, 150mm, 5.8GHz, 3dBi Omni FPV, RHCP SMA pour Drones RC FPV, course Freestyle, lunettes VTX, pièce


TBS CROSSFIRE – NANO RX récepteur de DRONE à longue portée 24mm x 18mm FPV, Original


TATTU – Batterie de Drone de course RC, Version r line 3.0 V3, 1300/1400/1550/1800/2000mAh 120C, 4s 6S 4.2V Lipo prise XT60 FP

Misc Parts

Buzzer Finder JHE42B, super bruyant, pour FPV Racing, avec Tracker, JHE42B_S, JHE20B 5 V, 110dB, avec LED, pour drone, contrôle
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jdmkramer   Mar 14, 2022  

This is awesome! I love to see major customizations like this. I've never seen a camera mount with silicone tubes for damping. Does it work well?
I'm curious about the flexible resin as well. Do you know how F39 compares to Siraya Tech Tenacious? I've had to add normal resin to this to make it less rubbery, and haven't found a perfect blend to make it similar to FDM TPU print flexibility.

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jdmkramer   Mar 14, 2022 

That resin looks ideal! I might have to try it out. I didn't start using reelsteady until i already had a hero8, so I've never really needed much damping but now that I am flying larger mirrorless cams I have been thinking about designing a mount for them. I'm using the shendrones mounts for now, and I have some alphagel dampers on the way, but your use of tubing has my wheels turning. Thanks for the info! :)

WizzX   Mar 14, 2022 

Feel free to join our Gyroflow discord server, theres so much information about stabilization in general, dumping, and using mirrorless stuff:)

jdmkramer   Mar 14, 2022 

Will do ;)

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