Apex Toothpick

By LynxFPV on Mar 08, 2022

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so...i had literally just had an entire in-depth description all typed out just disappear and not save... WOW that sucked. thinking that it actually saved in my mock build gave me a false sense of security. Now this time i plan on finishing this post right here an now...just venting srry lol.

Introducing the 2.5" Apex Toothpick. Wanted to have a build small in size with bigger beefy motors. Also decided to utilize the aio camera/vtx off my Sailfly-X. which is perfect because it has all together less wires than if i was to use a nano cam an separate vtx. mainly due to the aio Jhemcu GHF13 board not having enough ground an 5v pads to solder on. the canopy is from pyrodrone an matchs the motors.
my favorite point in this build was soldering the hglrc blue LED lights. It took a hell of a lot of focus an skill but was so worth it. The motors are really the focal point in my opinion. so i had to tame to power this bird has to about 80% . still though, this lil quad screams off into the sky an in gone in a fraction of a second. Truly amazing!
On a different note, i had a issue with getting this quad set up an arming in betaflight. But a big thx to all the Homies in DroneNation for helping me get this beast airborne.

Monday January 30th 2023 edit,
this quad is a lipo draining inefficient speed demon. flight time a minute and a half average. think i ruined 4 lipos with how quickly they depleted in flight. went threw so many different props trying to find the best match for this build an Nothing made a difference. i believe its the motors that are the reason for this. this build was fun an i enjoyed the challenges it presented. Definitely a lesson learned!



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eggarbad   Apr 21, 2023  

oh really fascinating, enjoy performing freestyle micros. Therefore, speed is no longer a consideration.

scirocco   Mar 08, 2022  

ajajjj.... are you sure?
13A+3S+1207+2,5"/3blade+motor (9,5g)...
I had same configuration..... burned out :(
1207 is very powerful and "hungry' motor!
It is able to do empty HV 3S-850mah battery only 1-2 minutes!
Finally I am using this motor max 3S+2" plus esc:20/25A

soo... good luck! :)

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LynxFPV   Jan 29, 2023 

yeah you were totally right. lil apex 2" is quick as the Dickens. but drains liops is just over a minute. what size of frame are these motors good for?

scirocco   Jan 30, 2023 

What is your purpose of fly?
Extremly fast with short flytime? Then not matter which size of frame :)
Cruising? Then It is not your motor......
but if you have them and want to build and use them? Then 2" is less "problem"
I tried them 3" 2,5" 2,3".... Now they are in 2".... not my favorite but better than other size!

LynxFPV   Jan 31, 2023 

very very interesting 🤔
like to freestyle micros. so speed now isn't a factor. but i guess it is what it is with these motors

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