Joby eVTOL

By pryseck on Jan 25, 2022

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I built a 1:30 scale flying and functioning replica of the Joby eVTOL aircraft:

It has 6 rotors, 6 servos, and operates on a teensy flight controller. It has 2 different flight modes for hover and forward flight and interpolates between the two modes throughout transition. It uses the cascaded angle controller to keep the vehicle level in all modes of flight, with a servo that rotates the tiltrotors with the flick of a switch to a desired angle, maintaining PID control throughout.

I'm unsure of flight time because it's so new, but I imagine it can hover for about 6-7 minutes on a single charge. Need to tune the gains a bit more and throw and FPV camera onboard to get a better sense for how it flies. I think it'll be pretty cool to get the rotors transitioning in view with the FPV camera.

Mass = 320 grams (w/ battery and paint) not bad!

Flight Controller: Teensy 4.0 with dRehm Flight VTOL
Motors: 1404 3800kV xing 2
Servos: ES9250MD Digital Metal Gear
Rotors: iFlight 4030
Battery: 3s 850mAh

3D printed fuselage material: Onyx printed on hacked Ender-3
Tilt-rotor shafts: 3mm steel (should’ve probably used carbon)



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Samw85   Feb 14, 2022  

Amazing build! and really nice video!

KobieKwads   Jan 28, 2022  

dudeee awesome work ‼

benjo   Jan 26, 2022  

FPV would be interesting. I look forward to that update if you ever do it.

Joshua_A   Jan 25, 2022  

Wow, just awesome!
dRehm Filght is one of the only solutions for a vtol aircraft with 12 degrees of freedom and differentiate mixing for hovered and forward flight!

pryseck   Jan 25, 2022 

Yup, it's amazing. Unless it's a racing quad, everyone should use it.

Logibear   Jan 25, 2022  

This is very awesome. Absolutely make a second video.

pryseck   Jan 25, 2022 

I'll certainly try to fit it in my schedule!

OptimaZe   Jan 25, 2022  

This is awesome! Love it!

pryseck   Jan 25, 2022 


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