Allen Iverson

By SlightlyScratchedCorolla on Jan 17, 2022

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"We in here talkin' about PRACTICE????"

  • Allen Iverson

I was a little tired of paying mega tons of attention to weight savings on 5", so I decided to build something that gives no f about weight. Better yet, something that is intentionally heavy.

Apparently, this isn't a spec practice rig, 2806.5 motors instead of 2510, on that digital goodness, with carbon nylon props for cinelifters (I prefer how the good ol HQ 7X4X3 flies on this rig though).

A lot of fun (simple fun) to build and fly this thing.



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Jodie Froster   Jan 21, 2022  

The vids that Nurk and Jet put out about how light frames (that break easily!?!?!) for practice (a.k.a hitting gates as fast as you possibly can all afternoon) seem poorly thought out, really resonate. Why buy a carbon fiber frame that's gonna break when you use it, that would be FINE if you just changed the dimensions SLIGHTLY. It is tempting to assume that frame designers are ALL saying "huh huh huh, we'll make it break more, so they buy parts, how else are we gonna make money" and their peer fires back "Why would ppl who build and fly, NOT see this as a deal breaker??" and the designer fires back "We'll tell em it's faster" and the peer will respond with "but those increases are only even TANGABLE to a hundred ppl or less, on the whole earf". At that moment they BOTH contemplate how powerfull human ego/arrogance is, and know that all they need to do is get someone we are all watching, and give em enough for free so we all believe they chose it themselves.

Silverwing   Jan 18, 2022  

Nice build! love that you put a vista (or is that a naked air unit?) in a build thats not supposed ti have weight as a factor! Whats the 5 inch frame you put there for comparison in the third picture?

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Jan 18, 2022 

Thx. Yeah that's a vista, I took the pic when the top board was off for soldering. The 5 inch frame is a prototype frame I designed myself, it's still in the testing phase.

Silverwing   Jan 18, 2022 

Please post a build once the frames done being developed cause it looks really cool!

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