Babytooth 3”

By Davidpe on Jan 06, 2022

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At this point, it's safe to say my favorite micro of all time is the Babytooth 3". I've built at least 10 and they all have that super sweet power to weight ratio that put the Toothpick on the map as a micro class. I took advantage of a few free days over the holidays to build this one with the new TUNERC 1-2s board and FPVcycle 13m Light (11400kV) motors. If I'm counting correctly, this is the 4th version of the 1s board and the 2nd iteration of boards with TUNERC. This board is back to a traditional whoop square board which provides a bit more real estate for place your RX and VTX. It's also a few grams heavier than the previous 'X' or cross shaped board so that should be considered. I decided to flip the board upside down as I like to solder my motors under the board and that turned out fine considering the through-hole design for both the RX and VTX connection points. With the flipped board, I had to reroute the motor resources and flip the gyro sensors in Betaflight. All very easy to do. As for the frame, I used a custom 2mm frame that my friend FaebuFPV designed and had it cut by Nick at CNCMadness. It was roughly $15 to cut and included chamfered edges which I really like. I also lightly sanded the edges and use a Q-tip dipped in CA and run it around the edges for a glossy smooth & clean look. The RX & VTX are both TBS and are wired using the Crossfire protocol that allows the system to be controlled by the TBS Agent Lite on my TBS Mambo. It's a little extra wiring and not 100% necessary but the TBS ecosystem is super slick and has ongoing updates. The camera is the FPVcycle Caddix Ant Lite that has been my go-to since lanch a year ago.

I'm very happy with the end result. Although it weighs a few grams more than my daily Babytooth flyer, it performs great with the new board and motors! Special shout-out to Bob Roogi (FPVCycle), Raphael Pirker (TBS), and Aria Chen (TUNERC) for pushing the FPV hobby forward!

Please feel free to hit me up with any questions.



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RVR_TheBot   Jun 03, 2023  

i would also like to have the frame files

Davidpe   Jun 03, 2023 

Happy to share DM me with your email address and ill send the file

DrMacca   Jan 28, 2022  

That's a sweet build, love the frame design too!

Davidpe   Jan 28, 2022 

Thank you! Flies like a dream.

Junnicutt   Jan 11, 2022  

Any chance you still have the frame files? I've been meaning to make a babytooth frame with a USB slot and that exactly what i was thinking of. Great build, i can't think of a single thing I'd change.

Davidpe   Jan 11, 2022 

Sure thing. Just sent you a DM

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