Apex micro 4" Hdzero v2

By okeydokey on Dec 17, 2021

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Did not want to pony up for a full Apex from Impulse so I went with the mini. Build two other 4 inch intrepid V2 quads from AirbladeUAV and liked them a lot.

The trickest part of the build is the VTX board from HDZero it will hit the 3D printed antenna holder from the base Impulse site so I modified it with a cut out. Also because the standoffs are hexagon shaped the Imortal T holder also was modified to fir the standoffs. If you do decide to print in PC like I did, please heat the part ever so slightly and lightly tap in the standoffs into the antenna holder starting from the cut outside. Also please note that the stand offs should snap into the open notch area. I could not get he FC to run bidirectional Dshot at 600 with 8K loop times even though it's an F7. Go with a AiO if you want to save more weight, it's not a bad idea but I tend to like the stacks better. I ended up purchasing the 2 mm hole maker from FPVcycle and will give that a try.



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coastFPV   Dec 27, 2021  

Nice! Im using the same motors on my 4" Gecko build, what kv spec did you choose? I went 1620kv because im running it 6S and i easily get 7 minutes smooth flying and 6 or so ripping it. I also think you ended up a few grams lighter than me.

okeydokey   Dec 28, 2021 

I went with the 2300 kv going with mostly 4s. I have lots of 4s and 3s batteries so it makes sense for me.

feej   Apr 11, 2022 

How are you liking them? I've been playing around with motor/lipo combinations on my Apex 4 - 2004 T-Mount first, and currently T-Motor 2203.5 with 1100mah packs. Pretty nice (and no screws :) ) but it is a little overweight.

These 21mm are the only FPV Cycle motors I can see easily available in the UK, and I'm just wondering if they're worth trying out. The 2300kv seems a bit on the low side for 4S.

spursmat   Jan 03, 2022  

Hi, this looks great, I'm attempting the same build. Please could you post some photos with the top plate removed? I'm curious to see how you have routed the wires and especially the battery lead to the Esc given the tight space. Do you think the smaller woop hdzero VTX would give a bit more breathing room or is the sacrifice for the better hardware in the Race V2 VTX worth it? Also how did you mount the nano cam would the Micro be better fit? Cheers!

okeydokey   Jan 03, 2022 

Yes, will do when I have a moment. The whoop board maybe better depending how you fly, you will also need an adapter and will loose smart audio. The race V2 has tie downs and brackets so that the wires don't come loose. It's not an easy build by any means and I purchased extra hardware to make the build, including m2 flat head bolts and locking nuts to suspend the V2 race board above a capacitor. Since I am using 4s I don't know if the cap was necessary but added it for good measure. I also am using a titanium m3 bolts so that it makes the build a bit lighter. Hope you have a 3D printer, I adapted the crossfire antenna holder to work with the hexagonal standoffs. I would recommend making two of the antenna holders if you are able and using a heat gun or maybe hairdryer to soften the prints, be careful as parts warp rapidly when adding heat. Apologies for the long replay but many mistakes were made on this build and it was a learning opportunity.

okeydokey   Jan 03, 2022 

please see attached new photos. The rush cherry antenna has a locking ufl connector.

spursmat   Jan 04, 2022 

thanks for the pictures and additional feedback, this will come in very useful! I'm gonna explore mounting the ESC and VTX in the centre stack and the FC on the rear. Will have to find a solution to get the VTX to fit on M2 screws.

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