HGLRC Racewhoop 30 (DJI AirUnit) - 3PV Upgrade

By ICARU5 on Dec 28, 2021

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Tricky build, but awesome "whoop". A beast on 6S. Seems to be indestructible. Suitable for indoor and outdoor flying.

Update: I like 3PV videos, so I made a mounting system for the Insta360 GO. I used hollow CFRP kite rods with 4mm diameter and some printed TPU parts. The result is great, no vibrations. Now I'm working on a corresponding mount for my ImpulseRC Apex. Follow me on TikTok for more 3PV videos: https://www.tiktok.com/@behind.the.goggles

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KJNewtown   Apr 13, 2022  

Very nice build! How do you like it a few months later?
I have the same frame and I am also considering 2203.5 motors (Xing 2700kv).
What's the dry weight?
How would you describe the power with yours? Is it OK to recover from dives? (HGLRC sells it with 2105.5)
Do you compare it with a cinewhoop or a racewhoop?
I don't intend to race, I just need a polyvalent freestyle/cinematic trainer.

ICARU5   Apr 13, 2022 

It's my favorite drone for indoor. So far I have no experience with outdoor flying, but it's spring and I'm optimistic this one could become also one of my favorite drone for outdoor, especially for flying in a forest. This drone truly deserves its name. It's way more agile and powerful than the all other duct quads I know. Recovering from dives shouldn't be a problem. In this context you also should know, that it seems to be impossible to damage this beast - I have tested it excessively, had several very hard impacts... all without any consequences. This is one of the drones you keep for a long time.

The choice of the engine is difficult. In addition to the volume and diameter, I think the brand/manufacturer is also important for the decision. 2105.5 has significantly more volume than 2203.5, but T-Motor makes outstanding, efficient and powerful motors. I think the HGLRC setup will have a significantly shorter flight time than mine. Xing should also be fine.

KJNewtown   Apr 13, 2022 

Sounds good! Thank you for sharing your experience.
Happy flying!

ICARU5   Apr 14, 2022 

I forgot to mention that changing the props is a pain in the ass. I ended up by removing the bell every time I have to change a prop. You should consider a motor with 2 screws prop mount.

daich   Dec 31, 2021  

so clean. nice one on the double remote usb ports.

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