AOS 3.5- Sub 250g ripper

By CloslaRoche on Oct 14, 2021

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Disc loading is a weird thing. On one end, you have incredibly floaty quads with zero fling and instant response. On the other, you have really really heavy flying cannonballs that fling for miles from one throttle blip. By the math, 3.5" Has about the same disc loading as lighter 5" quads.

And I have to say, this is probably the best flying quad I have built. Its incredibly responsive, it has some fling but it has enough grip in the air to do complex moves very close to objects without washing out or drifting. The 16mm motors from Bob Roogi/ FPVCycle are perfect for swinging a 3.5" prop and are lighter than I expected.



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Orka   Mar 20, 2022  

Beautiful build!
What seems to be the max flight time, when cruising?
I already have a TP3 and recently built my first full size quad, the AOS 5.5 of which i will also post here.

Cheers from Germany

CloslaRoche   Mar 20, 2022 

I don't know to be honest, never did a real "cruising" flight. However I used it as a cinewhoop recently and on the GNB 500s I could do a solid 8min of following/ orbiting flight.

Stevie   Feb 06, 2022  

Very cool! I have an AOS 3.5 on order and already have the FPVCycle 16mm motors. I wasnt sure I would use ghem in the AOS frame but after reading your comments, its for certain! ill probably use a Flywoo F7 EVO AIO that I have but might also use a Radix. Ill have it finished the day the frame arrives and really looking forward to it now!

nouxtywe   Feb 03, 2022  

I have posted my build which points to yours by the way.
Thanks again!

nouxtywe   Dec 23, 2021  

Hi there! Thank you for the inspiration :)
I would like to build the same, but with DJI nebula pro nano.
Do you know how these motors (including prop and nut) compare in terms of weight versus TOKA 1505 for instance?
I am really hesitating between those 2 motors, but I really would like to keep the dry weight below 174g to run it with R-Line 750mAh

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nouxtywe   Dec 23, 2021 

I know, the kit comes with a small adaptator, the quality between the nano and the pro are very similar.
Thank you very very much for the rapid feedback. I know the fpv cycle are 3mm shaft so you can't use the Avant 3.5 prop "out of the box" but may consider drill the middle hole to make it work... thanks again, FPV cycle is a go :)

CloslaRoche   Dec 26, 2021 

Can't drill the center hole of the t-mount prop.

But, the 3.5" Avan props suck. Gemfan is better and has a 5mm hole so you can use the thread adapter the motors come with.

nouxtywe   Jan 03, 2022 

Well yes you can drill the center of a t-mount prop... others have done it (check out the FPVCycle 16mm webpage to see so :)
Should have my build done by end of month!!

Mr_Stripes   Oct 14, 2021  

How does it fly compared to a standard 5 inch? Vs a tp3?

CloslaRoche   Oct 14, 2021 

Honestly I'd say its everything you love from a 5" and everything you love from a TP3 in one quad. It has just enough fling for some larger moves, but it has a ton of grip and agility like a toothpick or other micro.

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