Apex is overrated

By SlightlyScratchedCorolla on Jul 21, 2021

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This is gonna be a rant, apex fans please look away...

Alright yall, look... I know the apex is the shit. It's mad stiff, the arms look like they can take an absolute beating. And it's supposed to have superior resonance profile, per Chris Rosser. All good.

But for $100, the carbon cut quality is garbage, the tolerance is all over the place. I have built my fair share of frames now, this thing is only better than the $26 TBS source V in terms of cut quality. For $100, you get an extensive filing practice. I know tight tolerance is good, but for $100, you weren't supposed to file nearly every damn hole.

And those arm pressnuts, one crooked is my fault, two crooked still my fault, but three out of four crooked? Bye Felicia. Those countersunken stack screws don't sit flush against the mid deck no matter how hard I tighten the locknuts, leaving a gap between the arms and the mid deck. More filing? Cmon man.

I had frames from $49 to $99 they are all cut better than the apex. Chamfered edges, tolerance on point, with more versatile mounting solutions. But the apex gives me some fancy skids that I won't ever use, and a pile of porky carbon awaiting my finish.

It flies good, but gram for gram not better than my glide, remix, or banggod. And the motor protection is more minimalistic than it looks.

Maybe I shouldn't say it's overrated, but most definitely overpriced for its attention to details.

bUt THeM SkiiiiDzzzz! What about some QC big dawg?



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ApXFPV   Oct 25, 2023  

"Maybe I shouldn't say it's overrated, but most definitely overpriced for its attention to details." TOTALLY AGREE - now I assemble one of this frames... GOD .... I want to smash it in the wall.

Better mark4 will buy next time...

nerdCopter   Feb 22, 2022  

damn, sounds as bad as the clone. guess if i do it again, it will be another clone afterall. 🤦‍♂️

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Feb 22, 2022 

Nah it's still better than the clone. After using it for an extended period of time, I can vouch for the carbon quality on this frame. As much as a pain to put together, the carbon is fairly indestructible, but my buddies who use clones break theirs way more often.

nerdCopter   Mar 14, 2022 

great to know, i just bought OEM arms for my downed clone :P

f8f0   Jul 22, 2021  

Did you get the Apex before Rossers' AOS-5 got released?

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Jul 22, 2021 

No I got it after. I like the AOS 5 but 1) it's harder to get replacement parts for AOS 5 as of now for me; 2) I fly around trees too often and the AOS 5 arm design is more likely to stuck in a tree. But definitely interested in trying it later on.

Nabla   Jul 22, 2021  

What do you mean you had to file the holes? Typically, most screw holes are tight and you have to screw the screw into them and the standoff. This is done on purpose for most frames because the operations vibrations of these are at frequencies that can cause the screws to grind carbon down. If the holes were misplaced that is another thing altogether, but then again you wouldn't have been able to assemble them.

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Jul 22, 2021 

I meant I HAD TO FILE THOSE HOLES. Those holes were too tight for even screwing down the damn locknuts, and the camera plate slots too tight the plate wont go in. And what about those stack screws that won't sit flush, creating a noticeable gap between the arms and the mid plate? Those are done by design too? BS. Like I know how this pressnuts thing work, I've dealt with them on other frames. It's quite damn literal and it looks like you just won't accept there could be bad qc on the impulserc side.

JUSTiFLY_FPV   Jul 21, 2021  

Thank you for sharing your build/review. It looks like you built two Apex quads, they were both that bad??
Just curious.

SlightlyScratchedCorolla   Jul 21, 2021 

Both have bad carbon cut quality, I wouldn't complain if it's just one. I bought two Apex, but originally was just going to build one. After the first one went poorly, I had to open the second one to see if it's just a fluke. Apparently it's not. When I register the warranty online, both kits are from the April 2021 batch. I wonder if other batches were better.

JUSTiFLY_FPV   Jul 21, 2021 

Thanks for th reply, that is what I was wondering too. If you just got a bad one, but sounds like a bad batch.
You would think a $100+ frame would have better QC, but I guess not. Crazy.

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