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By outcastfpv on Apr 11, 2021

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I thought this build would go a lot faster than normal as the FC is an AIO with ESC, but this by far took the longest. There is very little room to build in this, it also arrived without the countersunk screws so i had to purchase some of my own, despite the order page saying the countersunk screws would be included in my batch, the battery pad is also cut mirrored which was also supposed to be fixed.

I gave up trying to plan how to build it the tidiest i could and just went ahead just to see how it would go trying to fit the receiver, turns out that wasnt really an issue as there is more than enough room for it with with battery strap i used (Diatone's 1.0x11.5cm), i heatshrank it with the heatshrink supplied with the vtx as the heat shrink i normally have is oddly thick. the tbs nano32 was a different story with the antenna however, once i had it all ready to see how it would fit i had to put a little pressure on the top plate to close it. The positive is the battery strap doesnt move easily and the way i mounted it the slight pressure isnt on the FC as its on the stack screw and nut instead.

I wasnt sure which camera i was going to use between the Runcam 2 nano and the gnarlyfpv recommended nano 4, but the nano 2 just about fit so i went with it. I should have thought about the battery lead placement a little more as being top mounted if i dont route the lead over the battery (instead of along side it as i planned) i can see the battery lead in the top of the FPV feed. I include pics of how i planned to route it but then changed to remove the battery leads from view. and also added a pic of the long r-line S2 550mAh, which i expected to see the end of the battery in the camera view but didnt, and again had to run the battery lead across the top otherwise the lead would have been in view for this battery too.

Odd thing with the motors though. 2 of the motors have 24awg wire and the other 2 have 26awg wire. the odd thing is the insulation is very thick compared to others so the total diameter of the 26awg on these is as thick as the 24awg like on other motors like the T-Motor F1103

Weight According to my cheap digital scale:
Dry Weight: 52.2 grams
Flight Weight: 82.5 grams (w/ 2S 450mAh Battery)
Flight Weight: 84.5 grams (w/ 2S R-Line 550mAh Battery)

Motor Test:

First Flight (Tattu 2S 450mAh) /w Runcam 3 Audio

Tattu 2S R-Line 550mAh /w Runcam 3 Audio



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PANNY   May 14, 2021  

how did you fix the no gyro/acc issue? im having the same problem with the same AIO and cant arm the quad. Thanks

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PANNY   May 17, 2021 

Yeah i have de-soldered the RX and VTX, still same issue. I even de-soldered the motors and still the same problem. Hoping supplier can offer replacement or refund

PANNY   May 19, 2021 

supplier ended up giving me a replacement.

outcastfpv   May 19, 2021 

Thats good, i purchased mine on aliexpress from a seller called Sparkhobby Store and they wouldnt even reply to me. Couldnt open a dispute as i had it over 2 weeks before the rest of the components came so i could actually build and notice the problem

outcastfpv   May 14, 2021  
PANNY   May 14, 2021  

how did you fix the no gyro/acc issue? im having the same problem with the same AIO and cant arm the quad. Thanks

Wrightflyer2   Apr 12, 2021  

You listed 3s 550 in the build - did you run it on a 3s?

outcastfpv   Apr 12, 2021 

Sorry no, that was a mistake, its a 2S R-line 550, i Just added the test r-line run, Thanks

DannerD3H   Apr 11, 2021  

Really Nice build!
What is the weight and flight time of it?

outcastfpv   Apr 11, 2021 

The 1103 motors add a lot of weight to this, its dry weight is 52.2g. and depending on flight i get about 2:30 to 3:00 on 2S 450mAh and 3:30~+ on the r-line 2S 550mAh

DannerD3H   Apr 12, 2021 

Olay, thanks for the info!

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