Worlds Lightest 3” Naked Digital HD Kiss 💋 Build (With Top Mounted 🔋) ?

By Sub 250g FPV on Mar 31, 2021

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Here is my New 3" True X Naked Caddx Vista Top mounted Battery Kiss FPVCycle Sponsored Build

I've designed and cut a 3" Version of the popular GepRC Phantom 2.5" base plate

But I still use the original GepRC Phantom 2.5" HD Top Plate.

MSP was the really tricky part in this build as it requires soldering wires to tiny pads on the bottom of the board.

If you require more information please leave a message and I will add more details to this description

You will find all of my Sub 250g FPV Builds here :-

Huge Thanks to @fpvcycle for sponsoring me with the motors, props and batteries used in this build

Huge Thanks to @truerccanada for sponsoring me with the Antenna used in this build

Huge Thanks to @hondapants.fpv for help with the frame and the custom 3d Printed camera mounts used in this build

Build Details :-
@geprc 2.5” Phantom Top Plate
@Sub 250g FPV Custom Designed and Cut 3" Bottom Plate
@fettecelectronics 15a 25.5x25.5 AIO Board
@fpvcycle 13mm 7700kv Motors Sponsored by @fpvcycle
@gemfanhobby Hurricane 3018 Props Sponsored by @fpvcycle
@caddxfpv Naked Caddx Vista Digital HD with the Nebula Pro
@truerccanada New 80mm Singularity Lite LHCP Antenna Sponsored
@ummagawd Ummagrip Lite Super Sticky Battery Pad (Blue)
@gnb.gaonenglimited 2s 450mAh Sponsored by @fpvcycle
@tinysleds Micro RaceWire Sponsored by TinysLEDs



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senatorperkins   Sep 04, 2023  

Do you prefer Kiss to betaflight for builds like this? Or no big difference?

Also no issues supplying the air unit from the FC's BEC? What kind of flight time do you get?

MrSolo   Jul 29, 2021  

Nice build! I don't have the balls to pull apart a vista yet! ;)
I am trying to find a way to put 3" on my Phantom HD. Any chance you would give away or even sell the CAD file for that bottom plate?
With the weight of the Vista I feel it is too heavy for 2.5". Has trouble catching itself out of a steep / fast dive. I've had a few close calls with the ground, and would feel more in control with larger disk area of 3" props.

FlyDaddyFPV   Jul 16, 2021  

your tpu - thats stabilizinv the cam well? looks like thats in addition to the carbon side plates?

have a link for those?

have you tried sharing the base plate to armattan productions?

anton.   Apr 21, 2021  

Do you use the presets on the aio?

Sub 250g FPV   Jul 14, 2021 


sendorm   Jun 09, 2021  

Is there any plan on selling the bottom plate? T
On a side note: the rear arms of the original phantomhd can already hold a 3'' prop. Wonder why geprc went with x pattern at all. They could have just used a dead cat frame which can hold 3'' props with no added weight.

Sub 250g FPV   Jul 14, 2021 

I'm currently working on 3.5" and 4" frames but I'll be returning to 3" soon

nathangw   Apr 24, 2021  

I had to mod lengthen the front arms of the PHANTOM HD frame to fit the 3" props. I get 14 minutes of bando on a Auline 11.4V 3S 1000mah 60C XT30 with Flywoo ROBO RB 1202.5 5500KV motors. Where can I get the bottom frame? Do you provide the drawing? Your frame will save me a couple of grams.

dafunk   Apr 08, 2021  

nice build and looks fun to rip :)
seems well tuned too

AVGVSTVS   Apr 01, 2021  

This is a perfect HD toothpick build! You've inspired me to build something similar! Top mounted battery with the Vista and FPVCycle 13mm motors. I noticed you went with the light version of the motors rather than the slightly larger ones, I was considering this build with the larger ones and an unmodded Vista+Nebula Pro, do you think that would be a good combo? I think theres a new tadpole HD frame coming out so I'm considering that or the one you used with a custom cut base plate.

Sub 250g FPV   Apr 04, 2021 

Thank you. Its one of my favourite builds to date, its so light and quite you can almost fly it anywhere ;-)

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