Lightweight 3S 5" PowerPick

By SquishinStix on Mar 17, 2021

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I've been watching Ummagawd's sub-250g 5" design/build series and it got me excited to build a lightweight 5" quad. I started watching videos of them and they offer the same benefits as my favorite quad (3" TP3) which are primarily efficiency and quiet, but with the potential benefit of more power and more speed.

I considered Ummagawd's 2Fiddy frame but then I would have had to use his motors and also it's a bit heaver than what I wanted. I really enjoy underslung batteries and adore my FPV Cycle Toothpick3 build so I went with the FPV Cycle PowerPick with the 5" arms. I chose the FPVCycle 2203/4 3,450kv motors and 3S batteries so it should have plenty of power but nothing wild. Kabab says that going to 4S with those motors on a lightweight build is difficult to tune because it's so powerful - ain't nobody got time for that.

The build went smoothly, although I did have to take the arms off and on like three times to get it all assembled because I kept running into issues with the battery strap (it is a TIGHT fit and very difficult to make work well). My goal weight was really about 280g since I'm going with a fairly large battery for this build - I could easily drop down to an 800mAh or so 3S and get below the magical and mythical 250g number. Quad is built, programmed, and test hovered so far - charging a few packs to rip after work!

Build Notes:
-The AIO came with an XT30 connector and 18ga wire but I used some spare 14ga wire with an XT60 connector
-FPV camera is powered off VTX
-FPV camera is soft mounted to mount with very soft o-rings and the camera canopy is soft mounted to the frame with very soft o-rings. Makes for SUPER buttery FPV feed - plan to do this with all my other quads.
-The motor wires are heatshrinked to the arms
-The R-XSR antennae are heatshrinked to zipties connected to the arms

I have named all of my quads and this one is no different, welcome to the world, Finn!

Dry Weight: 176.6g
All Up Weight: 284.4g



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digskyFPV   Dec 10, 2021  

Do you have a video of this flying? I would be interested to see the smooth fpv feed from your soft mounting

SquishinStix   Dec 10, 2021 

BenScord   Mar 28, 2021  

if you had to put a number it how fast would it be?

SquishinStix   Mar 28, 2021 

7? Just kidding, I have no idea honestly...comparable to my 650g 6S quads running 2207 motors and 4.5 pitch props.

BenScord   Mar 28, 2021  

I really want to build it although do you think this is better than the tp3 by freestlye and speed standards?

SquishinStix   Mar 28, 2021 

Hard to say whether it's better, but I do think it's a bit faster in a straight line, although not quite as nimble. Also, surprisingly, I think it's quieter than my 3S TP3.

BenScord   Mar 22, 2021  

how fast is it? is it good for free style?

SquishinStix   Mar 22, 2021 

it turns out one of the ESC's was bad - wasn't terribly obvious on the bench or test hover but surfaced with first actual flight. My intent is just to use it for freestyle, would probably jump up to 4S for racing. I suspect even on 3S it will be a proper ripper!

GrannyG   Mar 18, 2021  

Very cool

SquishinStix   Mar 18, 2021  

Although the test hover went okay, it appears that I have a bad ESC. Motor #2 doesn't spin up until 30%+ throttle and if held at a low throttle for more than a few seconds will not spin at all, even when then taken to a higher throttle. Additional diagnosis points to a faulty ESC - have reached out to RDQ for a replacement board. Should be fun to resolder literally just about everything haha - part of the hobby!

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