W66 - 3d printed fpv rc car with drone motors

By butcher51 on Mar 15, 2021

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Yeah I know, it's not a drone at all, sorry :D. But I build drones so far, and I think everyone of us thought about to build an rc car, so I hope you'll like it.

There is one racestar AirB 2514 motor in each wheels, with a planetary gearbox to reduce the very high rpm and convert it to torque. The 6 esc contolled with an arduino, with my own control software, which does force vectoring in turns, breaking the inside wheels, so it's crazy agile. The battery is a 2s 6000mah lipo. The center of gravity is very low because the motors are in the wheels, and the battery is in the bottom of the chassis, because of that, the grip is amazing. With full throttle or break it can easily roll over :)

The parts printed from PETG and mostly glued together, and I used m3 screws in some places. I designed all parts myself, i'm very pleased with the result.



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T0mPi   Nov 02, 2021  

Hatalmas! :D nem tudtam hogy ezekkel a motorokkal lehet ilyet művelni, de ihletet adtál! :D Beteg!

butcher51   Nov 02, 2021 

Hehe, köszi :D

fovea   Mar 22, 2021  

very very awesome!

could you share your software and printdesign?

butcher51   Mar 24, 2021 

Yes of course! I'm currently working on some improvements ( there is 2 parts what is easily break ) , and on the wiring diagram, I'll notify you in comment if I uploaded it to thingivers :)

Lizlodude   Mar 19, 2021  

OO that's awesome. Wanting to get into building some cars and dev kits, but I was just gonna strap everything to a piece of 2x4 lol. Maybe now I'll have to actually design a decent chassis...

phaley51   Mar 16, 2021  

Really Cool! was hard to get sense of the scale until I saw the video. Looks nimble with the dual steering too

kwadkenstine   Mar 16, 2021  

very cool , i am inspired to finish my folly now , I would like to know more about the software , im stuck with trying to manipulate the bf software to get motor control the way i want it . HATS OPP TO YOU!!!

butcher51   Mar 16, 2021 

Thank you very much! :)

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