By baggszilla on Mar 06, 2021

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When the whole 4" long range came on the scene I was very intrigued. With the Flywoo Explorer LR 4 being the first production Micro Long Range you could buy. I loved it and wanted one. This was something new and before you knew it everybody was coming out with there own Dave_C FPV inspired micro long range version. Then when I saw my favorite frame manufacturer Catalyst Machineworks come out with their version I saw a masterpiece. So here is my rendition of a 4" micro long range with style. I present to you, BlueAngle.


Part List


The Shocker 4”/5” Ultralight Long Range + Freestyle Frame (7 builds)

Flight Controller



BetaFPV 1404 3800Kv Micro Motor 4 Pack (7 builds)


GEMFAN Hurricane 4024 2-BLADE 4" Durable PROP 4CW 4CCW (CHOOSE COLOR) (15 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Vista Digital HD System for DJI HD FPV (206 builds)
See Site


TBS Crossfire Immortal T Antenna V2 (10 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx (1491 builds)
See Site


Gaoneng GNB 1100MAH 4S 15.2V 60C/120C LIPO BATTERY XT30 (5 builds)


RadioMaster TX16S Multi-Protocol RF 2.4GHz 16CH Radio Transmitter (Hall Gimbal) New Color Selection (5 builds)


TBS Tango 2 Pro - FPV RC Radio Drone Controller (106 builds)


FrSky Taranis Q X7S Radio w/ Upgraded M7 Hall Sensor Gimbals (Blue) (4 builds)


Fat Shark Dominator HDO2 OLED FPV Goggles (71 builds)


Orqa FPV.One Race


DJI FPV Goggles V2 - Ultra Low Latency 810p 144FPS Digital HD (145 builds)

3D Printed

See Site

HD Camera

Hero5 Session - (3 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 720p Live Streaming Stabilization (26 builds)

HD Camera

BETAFPV SMO 4K Camera (4 builds)

Misc Parts

CLRacing Race LED/PCB Wire 4 Pack - Choose Your Color and Size (59 builds)

Misc Parts

Matek SAM-M8Q GPS Module (13 builds)

Misc Parts

ViFly Finder Mini - Lost Drone Finder/Locater/Alarm (9 builds)

Video Receiver

ImmersionRC rapidFIRE w/ Analog PLUS Goggle Receiver Module (178 builds)

Radio Module

TBS Crossfire TX - Long Range R/C Transmitter (9 builds)

Radio Module

ImmersionRC Ghost 2.4Ghz Combo Kit (1x TX, 3x RX, 3x Antennas)

Radio Module

TBS Tracer Micro TX Starter Set (2 builds)

Radio Module

Happymodel ES24TX Pro 2.4GHz Micro ExpressLRS TX Module (3 builds)
See Site

Battery Charger

ToolkitRC M6D 500W 15A 1-6S Dual Channel DC Smart ChargerDefault Title (4 builds)

Battery Charger

Junsi iCharger 406DUO Lilo/LiPo/Life/NiMH/NiCD DC Battery Charger (6S/40A/1400W)

Soldering Iron

TS100 PORTABLE SOLDERING IRON W/XT60 Power Cable (26 builds)


#9502 - MIP 1.5mm, 2.0mm, & 2.5mm Hex Driver Wrench Set, Metric (3)


TBS Ethix Multi-Purpose Prop Tool (4 builds)


RDQ FPV Backpack w/ Optional Rain Fly (17 builds)


Ethix Think Tank Backpack (6 builds)


VIFLY ShortSaver V2 Smart Smoke Stopper Electronic Fuse to Detect and Prevent Short-Circuit and Overload, Power Switch for Recei (13 builds)

Misc Supplies

Trinity 40th Anniversary Power Supply (12V/75A/900W)

Misc Supplies

Kester #951 10mL Soldering Flux Pen (4 builds)

Misc Supplies

ToolkitRC ADP-100 100W Battery Charger Power Supply - XT60 (3 builds)
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ChrisCro82   Mar 09, 2021  

nice build.
How do those motors hold up?
And what's the weight?
I went with the Caddix Neubla Pro rather than the full size camera.
Just finished the 5" version and BH Avenger SE 2004-1950kv with Tattu 650mah 6s lipos.

baggszilla   Mar 09, 2021 

Hey thanks. I haven't got a chance to fly her yet but can't wait. I will update how these BetaFPV motors perform. The build weighs in around 181.9 grams with props, prop screws and one CMW battery strap. Also thats with no Ummalite grip or naked GoPro with mount. Your 5" build sounds like a nice overall lightweight package. Must be fun on 6s.

ChrisCro82   Mar 11, 2021 

Yeah, I'm really interested in your feedback about those motors on your build. Your build looks like it would be alot better suited for the initial build purpose. A long range ultralight quadcopter. I think you hit the mark perfectly if you got it at 181 grams. I weighted mine in at 223 grams w/o the 650mah 6s lipo.

baggszilla   Apr 19, 2021 

I got a chance tonight to fly this drone with the BetaFPV 1404 3800kv motors and she flys great. Just what I was going for. A little more pep when I need it then the 2800kv-3000kv options. And a nice steady cruise just taking in the beautiful DJI Digital footage. This is now one of my favorite rigs when I just want to get out and enjoy a nice long flight. Just flew one pack (1100 GMB 4S LiHV) got me around 10 mins.

aAlpine   Apr 15, 2021  

Sweet build! I just got my CMW Shocker and was surprised to see the build guide tell me to attach the Caddx VTX using double sided tape! Did you do that? How's it holding up?

baggszilla   Apr 19, 2021 

Mine is holding up great so far. With the Caddx Vista getting warm/hot while transmitting it could either loosen up or make my VHB tape more stickier. Every once and a while I push it up tighter with my thumbs. But if this were a freestyle drone I deff would throw a zip tie on there.

ChrisCro82   Mar 09, 2021  
jdmkramer   Mar 07, 2021  

Beautiful build! I'm a huge 4" fan, and I've never seen one of these. I love the countersunk hardware and the color scheme you went with.

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