1S 18650 Explorer #nanolongrange & iNav!

By V-22 on Mar 15, 2021

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Credit to Dave_C for the pioneering work here! This is my attempt at building his vision and see how far this platform can be pushed. Still a lot of work to do, but it's built and flying! I tried a few different materials for the frame: Nylon, CF-Nylon, and CF-PETG. The frame in Nylon weighs 13.1g, but is fairly flexible. The CF-reinforced Nylon frame weighs 12.4g and is much stiffer. The CF-reinforced PETG is a little heavier at 16.2g, but much stiffer still. All printed at 20% infill. I'm not sure what the PLA frame weighs. Anyone know? I decided to use the CF-Nylon frame for this build.

I managed to get iNav running on the DarwinFPV AIO, and it works well. I've tested position hold and RTH, and will try a waypoint mission soon. At 119g AUW I'm getting 10 min flight times (40F/5C, 10mph wind). I'm sure there is significant room for improvement. Edit: Fully charging the battery to 4.2v, doubling up the nickel strip on the battery, and replacing the bad motor have greatly improved flight times.

It looks like there is a length limit for the description, so see the full writeup here: https://intofpv.com/t-1s-18650-nanolongrange?pid=133445#pid133445

Full build log and discussion here: https://intofpv.com/t-1s-18650-nanolongrange



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Yinka_Brasil   Aug 28, 2021  

I know it hasn't been long, but how is that FC holding up? I want to buy one, but I'm a little apprehensive, since the company doesn't have a reputation (good or bad)

Tom324156   May 30, 2021  

do you think 0802 motors would work?

V-22   Jun 04, 2021 

I think 0802 would be too small. They almost certainly wouldn't be able to swing 3" props and lift such a heavy quad.

Tom324156   Jun 04, 2021 


V-22   Jun 05, 2021 

I just saw this over on RCG. If you really strip the frame down it looks like 0803 might work.

m3sgal   Apr 29, 2021  

Isn't a barometer required along with GPS/Compass in order to be able to use iNav's position hold and RTH features?

V-22   Apr 29, 2021 

Yes, see the build thread. It has both. V1 of the DarwinFPV 1S AIO board had I2C pads broken out which made it easy.

KaityLynn   Mar 20, 2021  

Awesome build! Totally my next quad :) Following the thread on the forum. Great work.

Joshua_A   Mar 20, 2021 

^1+ same here!! amazing!!

BUDLoNG   Mar 15, 2021  

what kind of flight times?

V-22   Mar 17, 2021 

See the linked thread for discussion. I'm currently grounded with a bad motor and waiting for a replacement, but in the meantime I loaded up iNav and I'm going to see whether I can use that for controlled hover tests and waypoint missions to reproducibly compare efficiency and flight times.

BaTTaN   Mar 16, 2021  

Nice build V-22! Like many others I'm also working on a 18650ish lol builds. I’m working with Dave_C frame’s using SMD SMT trays. I’m using one that will fit one 18650-21700 cell and another double 18650 tray. Heres a link to Toms review of Dave_C's fully printed build if youve not seen it.

NightBoat   Mar 16, 2021  

Very cool! I've been waiting for one of these to pop up on here. I am working on one of these too. I made an alteration to the original stl by integrating a battery holder directly to the frame, just need to add the gold plated contacts. I'm interested to know more about the flight experience with your build!

OptimaZe   Mar 15, 2021  

I have it all printed up in PLA+ and with the 4 screws that hold the top and bottom together it weighs in at 16.9 grams. Very cool build! Can't wait to get mine in the air.

V-22   Mar 15, 2021  

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