Airblade 5in Transformer

By Fufalump on Feb 08, 2021

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This is my build with the new (to be released) Airblade (not so?) Mini Transformer 5" frame. Nguyen designed this based on the successful 4" mini transformer but has since updated the design to have removable arms (only have to remove one screw to swap arms) and also fit 5" props. This build is currently only possible with a 26x26 aio board or perhaps a 26x26 to 20x20 adaptor, as the arm system blocks the original 20x20 holes that the mono plate 4" version had.

That being said, the AIO options are fantastic now and theres not many reasons to not give one a try now, especially on an ultralite 5" build such as this. The build is extremely straight forward as i only had to wire in an rx and the Caddx vista unit. There are plenty of available uarts to include a GPS unit which i will be installing soon.

I also decided to use Airblades new 1905 motors on this build, these are technically a little heavy for this build but i wanted to see what kind of flights would be possible with a bigger stator and more available power, rather than a motor that would have been adequate for cruising but suffer on higher demand situations like my typical endurance rigs do. These motors proved to be absolute monsters on 6s with 4" props, so i have high hopes for them on these light weight 5" props and 4s.

Maiden will be happening as soon as we can get away from our local temps of -30f here in canada. While i'm sure the aircraft would be fine in those temps, the operator would likely not be :D

If you have any questions on the build feel free to hit me up. Otherwise if you liked this build hit me with some likes or share with your friends!




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LawnDart   Feb 08, 2021  

What is the AUW?

Fufalump   Feb 08, 2021 

193g currently as it sits with no battery. I could reduce this a bit by unbraiding my motor wires and cleaning up a few other little things.

Whiffles   Feb 12, 2021 

Sounds like a lot of work to unbraid and resolder just to shed a gram or two.

Fufalump   Feb 14, 2021 

just kind of saying it to let others know its possible to get it lighter than my own build. i probably wont bother removing those extra grams

OptimaZe   Feb 08, 2021  

Really nice build. I bet that thing is going to scream!

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