By fw42 on Feb 01, 2021

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Two very similar builds based on Bob Roogi's Babytooth formula and the (free!) PicklePick frame (hence the name). I live in Europe and most of the original parts for this formula are hard to get here, so this is basically all alternative parts that you can buy without having to order from the official FPVCycle store or from any other US stores (all parts are either from China, from the UK, or from Germany).

The blue guy is using Flywoo motors, HQ props, an XT30 connector, and a Runcam Nano (to make up for the weight of the XT30). The HQ props have a higher pitch and supposedly draw more amps and have a bit more punch, but I don't think I could really tell them apart from the Gemfan 3018.

The orange guy is using RCinpower motors (I've read somewhere that the original FPVCycle motors are just rebrands of these), Gemfan 3018 props, a Betafpv BT2 connector (with custom lower AWG wire), and the Caddx Ant Lite. I find that this build flies a bit smoother compared to the blue one (even when both are using Gemfan props). Probably because of the motors since everything else is pretty much identical? I don't find the voltage sag or flight time noticeably different between BT2 and XT30, so I would recommend BT2 since the connectors are lighter (a bit annoying to solder to though).

The PicklePick frame is awesome. Seems durable enough for this build, has little flex, and weighs only ~4.8 grams at 2mm thickness (lighter than the original Babytooth frame at 2mm). The JHEMCU Play F4 flight controller seems fine too so far (and super light, only 3g!). Only complaints are that the solder pads for the buzzer are very small and that the USB port is slightly too far in the middle of the board, so you have to unscrew the canopy a little bit to reach it when mounted facing up, but I think this has been addressed in the most recent version of the frame, which now allows for this board to be mounted with the USB facing down.

The VTX antenna on both is a Antennenfreund linear antenna custom cut to a specific frequency and total length (weighs about 0.25g or so).


Part List


2 x LEDroneClub PicklePick 3" mini fpv frame kit 2mm for Tiny whoop Frame Betafpv Toothpick (5 builds)

Flight Controller

2 x 25.5x25.5mm JHEMCU Play F4 Whoop Flight Controller AIO OSD BEC & Built-in 5A BL_S 1-2S 4in1 ESC for Whoop RC Drone FPV Racing (6 builds)


4 x RCINPOWER GTS V2 1202.5 Motor (600KV, 11500KV) (2 builds)
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4 x Flywoo ROBO RB 1202.5 5500KV 2-4S / 11500KV 1-3S Brushless Motor 1.5mm Shaft for 2-3 Inch RC Drone FPV Racing (5 builds)


GF 3018 Hurricane Durable 2 Blade 1.5mm Whisky


HQ Durable Prop T3X2 Blue

FPV Camera

RunCam Nano 3 1/3'' 800TVL 1.1g Ultra Light FOV 160° Wide Angle NTSC CMOS FPV Camera for FPV RC Drone (7 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddxfpv Ant Lite 1/3'' CMOS 1.8mm 1200TVL 4:3 PAL/NTSC Global WDR FOV 165° FPV Camera FPVCycle Edition for FPV Racing RC Drone (73 builds)

FPV Transmitter

2 x NameLessRC Nano400 VTX 5.8G 48CH PIT/25mW/100mW/200mW/400mW Switchable FPV Transmitter VTX for RC Drone (5 builds)


2 x U.FL linear antenna 5,8ghz adapted to the desired channel
See Site


2 x FrSky Ultralight XM Mini RC Receiver Up To 16CH for RC Drone FPV Racing (8 builds)


450mAh 3,7V 50C/100C FPV Parcour XT30 Stecker (95C China-C*)
See Site


BT2.0 450mAh 1S 30C Battery (4PCS) (9 builds)

Misc Parts

BETAFPV Super Loud DC 5V Active Alarm Buzzer Beeper Tracker 2 Terminals Electronic Continuous Sound Buzzer 12X9.5mm and 9X5.5mm
See Site

Misc Parts

2 x BeeBrain V2 Camera Color Mount (4 builds)
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sp_fpv   Nov 01, 2021  

Look very great! Like you, I live in Europe and have a hard time buying those parts. What motor and prop combo do you recommend for a 5A aio board? From what I understand flywoo motors and hqprop t3x2 props are the most powerful combo. BTW I'm a bit skeptical for the 5amp esc. Thanks.

fw42   Nov 01, 2021 

Thanks! Personally, I like the Rcinpower motors better than the Flywoo ones, but the difference isn't huge, they just feel a little bit smoother to me, but I might be imagining it :-) You can get them from in the UK. I also like the 3018 biblade props a lot better than the T3x2.

As for 5A ESC: I have been flying this build for hundreds of batteries and the FC is still fine.

fw42   Apr 18, 2021  

Added some flight footage

Winston Todge   Apr 05, 2021  

Both lovely builds! Just finished by 3" Caddx Vista build similar to these. But is 2S and by far the most fun quad I now own. Something to be said for light as possible and agile!

Great stuff bud.

fw42   Apr 06, 2021 

Thanks man! 3" 2S is my favorite size at the moment. Would love to have something digital, but I'd be worried it's too heavy and not agile enough. Maybe with a smaller battery? Mine is about 70g AUW (~45g dry).

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