1s 4in FPVCycle 1302

By matthew saigon on Jan 24, 2021

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this one is much bigger than BabyTooth, so i guess i'll call it, Big Baby. LOL
unless someone can come up with a better name.

this is a high power 1s build.
The fastest 1s you've ever seen.
it's faster than 1s BabyTooth of Bob Roogi. but slow response.

Audience for this build

  1. ( speed run ) you just want to show your 1s is faster than his/hers
  2. you're curious about it.
  3. you enjoy it for what it is.
    But generally, most people enjoy 1302 3" props more.

How i fly this setup:
powerloops and climbing tree = about 80% throttle.
top 10% is for quick correcting my mistakes or quick burst of power ONLY.
you might ask, why not clipping the top 10 or 20 % and still have good respond at the low end but never have access to the top end throttle.
The answer is, somehow keeping the top end throttle, gives me more power to quickly correcting mistakes. without the top end it seems less powerful.

frame: 7gram, 2mm or 2.5mm, i chopped up the frame in the link and it works, so i haven't bothered looking for better frame.
FC/ESC: Bob Roogi's prototype 1s board that i asked ( a few months ago ) to try these 1s 4in builds that i've been doing and it works. it's the only board that i know.
Props: kingkong 3.8"
VTX: pandaRC 16x16 nano VTX
Motors: FPVCycle 1302 11250kv
props screws: Reny screw m2 X 8mm
I used counter-sunk screws from happymodel Crux3. and use counter-sunk dill bit and hand drill the frame.

Wires for battery leads, 16 AWG wires ( it's important )
i separated 3s 850mah to get 1s batts.

PID : ( most tunes are weight dependant. if your build's weight is too much different, tune might be off )
betaflight 4.2.6
i used UAV Tech toothpick preset.
then apply PID in the picture.
set thrust-linear = 50



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makesomemore_   Aug 18, 2021  

I'd love to try that setup! brilliant build!

Elesar   Jan 25, 2021  

Good job! what about the noise? i guess less than 3inch one?

matthew saigon   Jan 25, 2021 

noise is about the same.

matthew saigon   Jan 25, 2021 

i just try gf3016 props with these 1302 motors. and i can tell these 1302 are way more powerful than 1202.5.

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