AIO Build of QAV210 clone

By f4ichuck on Feb 20, 2017

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I am on my second attempt to do a cheap and clean mini quad build using all-in-one components. The HGLTech V4PRO combines an F3 flight controller, Minim OSD, 5Ghz power selectable video transmitter, and power distribution board with current sensing. The RacerStar 20A 4-in-1 ESC supports BLHeli S. sent me another board and I finally got it set up in the original frame. The OSD setup was a little tricky. If you're using PAL video format, it probably will work for you out of the box. But, for NTSC format, you will have to use the MWOSD configurator and change it. However, it was a little tricky.

See and subscribe to my build progress on YouTube:

D4r Receiver Mount

GoPro Session Mount

LS-210 Motor Guards



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Shmtt   Feb 11, 2018  

How did you get the telemetry to work. I'm still strugeling to find out how

f4ichuck   Feb 16, 2018 

I have not hooked up Betaflight telemetry on this build, but am using the RSSI as a telemetry sensor. See OscarLiang's page if you have not done this:

kandesigner   Jul 23, 2017  

I loved your build! My only concern is about the ESC ratings as your motors sucking about 27 amps with 4s lipo and 5045 props, which is below your current ESC's. Did I miss something? I will appreciate your feedback.

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kandesigner   Dec 22, 2017 

I took it from the motors data sheet in By taking 25% (for whatever reason) it becomes 20A or less due to props efficiency.

kandesigner   Dec 22, 2017 

I have already changed my motors and esc's in my ZMR250 to match yours but with individual esc's. Using 5045 props and 4s, they work like a charm and have plenty of power. My FC doesn't include current sensors so I don't know how much current I draw, but they feel just slightly warm.

f4ichuck   Dec 23, 2017 

I'm running Dalprop 5040s now and have a little better punch/low-end but not as much top-end. I like these motors, but compared to the newer motors, these are fairly low powered. This quad is good in small spaces and I still fly it often.

f4ichuck   May 26, 2017  

I finally completed this build! See the new photos that I uploaded. sent me a replacement FC and I finished it up this week. I have a new video up on my channel:

Xudus   Feb 28, 2017  

This looks like it'll be nice when it's done. I watched your video on the short in the FC and that sucks. I had a short in mine after a very bad crash. Turned out that some loose solder was stuck somewhere. I went over the FC with an old toothbrush and it was as good as new. Maybe that'll work for you.

Why did you add a VTX when the AIO has one built in?

f4ichuck   May 22, 2017 

Ah. Sorry, I don't know why I added that in. Maybe moving too fast to get it into the website. Thanks.

Whiffles   Feb 20, 2017  

Youtube link didn't work, but this should be a fun build. I'm working on something similar using slightly cheaper parts. How do you plan to connect the motors? Will you use the wires on the 4-in-1 or remove those and use the wires attached to the motors?

f4ichuck   Feb 20, 2017 

Thanks for the heads up. Don't know what the problem is, but fixed the link with a tinyurl.

Yep. Your build is pretty similar. Looks like a cool frame.

The motor wires are going to be close. If they reach, I'll just desolder the wires on the ESC side. Otherwise, I'll just splice, shrinkwrap, and use self-vulcanizing wrap to hold the wires down on the arms.

Whiffles   Feb 20, 2017 

Yeah, the Martian II is incredibly popular. I'm really just doing this build as an example for what can be done at a low price. The only thing that concerns me is the ESC being only 20A, but I've heard good things about them so hopefully it holds up.

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