ArPro - Sonicmodell Ar Wing Pro

By DiAleksi on Nov 28, 2020

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My LR cruiser wing build.

Update 04-01-2021:
Folding prop is Gemfan 8x5 with 5mm folding propeller clip. Links added to partlist.


Part List


Sonicmodell AR Wing Pro 1000mm Wingspan EPP FPV Flying Wing RC Airplane KIT/PNP

Flight Controller

Matek Systems F765-WING STM32F765VI Flight Controller Built-in OSD for RC Airplane Fixed Wing (5 builds)


4PCS GEMFAN Nylon Folding Propeller 7*6 7.5*4 8*5 9*5 10*6 11*8 12*8 13*8 Gemfan Props For RC Multirotor Multi Rotor Copter


Mayatech Folding Propeller Clip Set 5MM/6MM/8MM For RC Airplane

FPV Camera

Foxeer Razer Mini 1/3 CMOS HD 5MP 2.1mm M12 Lens 1200TVL 4:3/16:9 NTSC/PAL Switchable FPV Camera For RC Drone (11 builds)

FPV Transmitter

ImmersionRC Tramp HV 5.8GHz 48CH Raceband 1mW to>600mW Video FPV Transmitter International Version for RC Racing Drone (4 builds)


VAS ION V2 5.8GHz SMA Antenna (RHCP) (3 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (1491 builds)


8 x Sony VTC6 3000mAh 18650 Li-Ion Battery 2 Pack for X-Lite, Goggles, Vaping & DIY Packs (20 builds)

3D Printed

Ar Wing Pro RX antenna mount by DiAleksi
See Site

3D Printed

Ar Wing Pro SMA mount by DiAleksi
See Site

3D Printed

Ar Wing Pro lens wiper servo link by DiAleksi
See Site

3D Printed

DiA mini pan tilt gimbal by DiAleksi (2 builds)
See Site

Misc Parts

3 x Emax ES9051 Digital Mini Servo For RC Model (2 builds)

Misc Parts

Beitian Dual BN-220 GPS GLONASS Antenna Module TTL Level RC Drone Airplane (68 builds)

Misc Parts

800TVL 150 Degree Camera For KINGKONGs/LDARC Tiny6 Tiny7 Micro FPV RC Quadcopter (2 builds)
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ObSpecFPV   Jan 16, 2023  

hey, wondering if you'd be willing to share your mixes page in your crossfire receiver? o can't seem to get it right.

Serpent   Jun 12, 2022  

Nice & clean!

dvmdoc   Aug 14, 2021  

This is my first wing build. How does one secure the FC in the front compartment (I'm used to the stacks in quads secured with screws to the frame)?

DiAleksi   Aug 16, 2021 

Matek F765-wing has clean bottom plate that can be attached to the frame with double sided tape.

dvmdoc   Aug 16, 2021 

Thanks for your reply - seemed too obvious just wanted to be sure. ALso, if the throws on the servos aren't enough (using the DJI HD system including DJU controller), where would I adjust those settings? iNav? There's no screen in the DJI controller (like my Taranis X9) to adjust those things...

DiAleksi   Aug 16, 2021 

Did you check the throws in manual mode? If you tested them in Angle mode, the throws are very short as iNav is controlling them depending on the wing orientation. So add "Manual" mode and switch to it when you want to test throws. As FC is used in plane/wings, all settings should be done only in iNav. Anyways, I don't believe that DJI controller would send narrower data than standard 1000-1500-2000. So there should be no problems using it. The Angle mode probably misled you.

erock_fpv   Jun 14, 2021  

I'd almost forgotten about using an OLED. Is that a camera under the wing, or a LIDAR?

DiAleksi   Aug 16, 2021 

Camera :)

ledimestari   May 07, 2021  

I love the wiper and how well it fits into this build. Like it's meant to be there.

AndMiles2Go   Apr 24, 2021  

Excellent execution and design! Appreciate the 3dprint design work and sharing too! Building my first wing this weekend and it's an AR Pro, so many thanks for sharing, sir.

drudini17   Dec 03, 2020  

Dope build! What kind of prop hub do you have on here?

DiAleksi   Jan 04, 2021 

Added folding prop parts into the description :smile:

leavitron   Jan 03, 2021  

Nice build. Could you describe the folding propeller? Could you post the specs on the folding prop for this model? It is a subtle but very nice addition that helps when landing, and storage.

DiAleksi   Jan 04, 2021 

Added folding prop parts into the description :)

ShortBus   Nov 30, 2020  

This is an awesome build!

Oeliboeb   Nov 30, 2020  

That lens wiper is super cool

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