By chawks on Nov 10, 2020

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This build was inspired by StickyRice's chopsticks build!
I wanted a 4 inch plus drone that was (preferably) under 250 grams, si i got on fusion360 and started to design a frame made from TPU and carbon rods.
This was my first proper design made in fusion360, and i had trouble designing the pod, as i was not used to creating natural shapes in a design software, let alone 3D design!
so i consulted a tutorical made by Dave_C_fpv and that really helped my get my hear around it.
It was all printed on my stock Ender 3 with a nozzle temp of 217 and a bed temp of 70.
I was initially a but put off by its yaw capability, before i flew it, as the rear motor is much further away from the 3 front motors, but when i maidened it, it flew fine.
It comes in at 245 grams with a 650mah 4s battery and all the extra gubbins.
I keep on getting weird stringing issues with my printer, as you can see on the canopy, i dont know weather that is beacuse i have the nozzle temp too high or just the fact that i am using a bowden tube.
Any feedback is greatly recieved, even if it be positive or negative.
I will try and design some more tradtitional quad frames in the future, weather it be stretch X or true X. Maybe even a hexacopter.
its made from carbon fibre rods and 3d printed TPU

If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask.



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AVGVSTVS   Mar 19, 2021  

Hi, nice build! In regards to your comment on stringing with the Ender, it sounds like it's due to your bowden setup. Stringing should greatly improve with an upgrade to Direct Drive, i recommend and E3D hotend setup like the Titan Aero which I have on my Ender or the Hemera

Rice_Bowl   Dec 03, 2020  

Oh man this is badass looking hahaha im impressed dude, you took the idea further! Hope its working great! Post some videos when you get the chance!

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chawks   Dec 03, 2020 

thanks man! its currently tipping it down with rain here in england, which is a bit annoying but i will try to get a flight in as soon as possible.

Rice_Bowl   Dec 03, 2020 

also dude, if you allow me, I might add a ChopSticks V3 plus design. I'll mention you in the articles but basically its a shrunken down version (2.5-3") of yours?

chawks   Dec 03, 2020 

thats perfectly fine man!

dafunk   Nov 18, 2020  

I am a fan of plus frames... nice job
I mounted my front motor like you did, landings are not an issue but I fear crashes with the front prop eating the bottom mounted Lipo

chawks   Nov 19, 2020 

yeah, i had the exact same thing, but i have a lip actually incorporated in the main frame and i do not have to worry about that at the moment! thanks for the comment man

saahbs   Nov 16, 2020  

Nice design, I wonder why there aren't more cross-X quads. I like you you put the front motor underneath. How do you land?? Can you share some in-flight footage?

chawks   Nov 16, 2020 

i kind of just plonk down on the floor and then go pick it up, ill share some footage once the weather gets better in england though! and when i did fly it , i hand launched it as i do not have a suitable way of launching it otherwise

Kstone   Nov 10, 2020  

If ya don't mind me asking, where did you source the carbon rods from?

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Kstone   Nov 10, 2020 

I have a few square carbon rods from RCExplorer (Davids Tricopter site) that may be useful here. However I'd need to make my own files to customize the fit for them. The upside i that each arm could be just one rod vs two of the round ones.

chawks   Nov 10, 2020 

this is true, and i didn't think of that! i might have to order some to give a try for myself actually. thanks for the tip

Kstone   Nov 10, 2020 

For an 11XX motor you'd need a rod width of 5-6 mm. (hollow) Such as from here: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/carbon-fiber-square-tube-750x6mm.html?queryID=&objectID=35503&indexName=hbk_live_magento_en_us_products

For 22XX motors a 10 mm wide rod should do nicely.

Better yet, the hollow part of the tube can be filled with balsa-wood and glued inside. The would effectively make the rods unbreakable but still very light.

Jodie Froster   Nov 10, 2020  

What a cool design, keep at it!

chawks   Nov 10, 2020 


DannerD3H   Nov 10, 2020  

Damn thats a sweet design. I feel i have to redo My plus pod now xD
How does it fly with the cog behind the front motors(assymetric motorlayout)

chawks   Nov 10, 2020 

Thanks! It flies quite smooth actually, i thought the yaw would be a slight bit slow, as the motors are asymmetric, but it stays quite planted. it also kind of feels like it attacks more? like it seems to want to be at an angle more than my other quads. the only reason why i think this would be the case is because the rear motor is further back. ill try get out and fly it some point soon, but the weather isn't too great in england at the moment. if i do ill be sure to post a video

DannerD3H   Nov 10, 2020 

I live in Denmark so i know how you feel about the weather this time of year xD

Interesting about the flight characteristics! I would't expect yaw issues as much as pitch. Don't you feel a difference in up- and down-wards pitch?

chawks   Nov 10, 2020 

i just took it out for a quick flight before it got cloudy, and yeah, i really tried to identify how the pitch axis behaved. it seemed to me that it almost was a bit slower pitching forward than backwards but it was only noticeable doing quick juddery movements! ill keep you updated on that factor

kwadkenstine   Nov 10, 2020  

Hi Nice to see a pluss , 3D tpu the settings i use on my ender , which give good finish without getting too picky.
bed temp 50-60 deg c
filament temp TPU 240 deg c
head speed slow
feed rate , adjust till it makes a smooth even first layer
0 z hop to stop stringing,

chawks   Nov 10, 2020 

thanks man, ill be sure to give that a try when i inevitably break something!

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