KISS 7" Super G Plus Long Range 6S Li-Ion

By shaz on Oct 18, 2020

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Built this for the fun of it and then I ended up getting a lot more than what I had bargained for. I wanted a quad that can run on Li-Ion, carry a Hero 8 and fly for more than 15 minutes. This is ultimately what that has lead to.

I love this frame, it's very light but strong in all the right places. I have taken two tumbles so far. One losing a loose motor and smacking into the ground. The other flying into a tree. The frame survived. Only thing lost was 2 props.

I like to fly extreme long range. Miles away, and so far I've managed 3.2 miles. Problem is I live in a thicket of trees so its hard to fly far locally but when I travel I try to push the limits any chance I get.

Total flight time so far Ive managed to squeeze 18:36 minutes out of one charged 6S Li-Ion Pack. one i maxe myself out of Murata 3000mAh 30A 18650s. That is while hauling a GoPro Hero 8.

I use a uFL > SMA converter on the Caddx to allow me to run a variety of antenna. That's how I am able to run that AXII omni. I found that it makes a big difference simply from the fact that the antenna is not being blocked by the profile of the drone. I am still looking for a uFL extender to test the OEM antenna. If anyone knows one please link me in the comments.


Part List


Super G Plus (26 builds)

Flight Controller

KISS FC V2 - 32bit Flight Controller (62 builds)


KISS 2-5S 25A (40A limit) 32bit 4-in-1 ESC (2 builds)


iFlight XING X2806.5 1300Kv Unibell Motor (6 builds)


HQProp DP 7X3.5X3 V1S PC Propeller (Set of 4 - Black) (17 builds)
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FPV Camera

Caddx Vista Digital HD System for DJI HD FPV (98 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Vista Digital HD System for DJI HD FPV (205 builds)
See Site


Lumenier AXII 2 Long Range 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) (10 builds)
See Site


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx (1491 builds)
See Site


Sony VTC6 3000mAh 18650 Li-Ion Battery 2 Pack for X-Lite, Goggles, Vaping & DIY Packs (20 builds)


FrSky Taranis Q X7S Radio w/ Upgraded M7 Hall Sensor Gimbals (Carbon Fiber) (25 builds)


DJI Digital HD FPV Goggles (145 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO8 Black - Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization (37 builds)

Misc Parts

Beitian Dual BN-220 GPS GLONASS Antenna Module TTL Level RC Drone Airplane (68 builds)

Misc Parts

ViFly Finder 2 Buzzer - Lost Drone Finder/Locater/Alarm (174 builds)

Misc Parts

Panasonic 35V 1000uF LOW ESR Capacitor (14 builds)
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Radio Module

TBS Crossfire TX - Long Range R/C Transmitter (9 builds)

Battery Charger

Hobbymate D6 Duo Pro Rc Lipo Battery Balance Charger, FPV Drone Battery Charger, Support AC/DC Input

Soldering Iron

Hakko FX888D-23BY, 599B-02 Soldering Station with 599B Tip Cleaner, Blue/Gold (25 builds)
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simogere   Apr 18, 2021  

Hi shaz! Great build! Any chance to share gps/antenna holder and Immortal T files?
Thanks in advance, Simone

simogere   Mar 24, 2021  
Boloco222   Dec 05, 2020  

Nice build!! I'm looking to start a with the frame, but running a fettec 4/1... So is it the pilot that keeps the amp draw down? Ive been warned that those motors can pull close to 60 amps, but maybe their payloads a greater? And curious, do you get better performance out of li-ions er the nicads?

Also, where do you source the cover for the motor wires? That stuff makes builds look sweet.

shaz   Jan 26, 2021 

Sorry for the late response, been a wild year as I'm sure you know haha. I think the pilot definitely has a lot to do with efficiency when running Li-Ions. I typically shy away from abrupt throttle blips or trying to do anything sketchy that requires me to ramp up thrust (i.e. doing a dive and trying to recover from hitting the ground). I try to fly as smooth as possible, keeping my movement smooth and flowy. I have not tried NiCad's but I definitely want to in the future. With all the regulations happening in the U.S. I find it very difficult to justify building 7" Drones since we wont be able to fly them anywhere.

As for the wire covers, those I got from banggood. Lookup "Braided cable wire sleeve" and you will have a ton of options to pick from. Anything between 5-7mm is perfect for ESC wires. Use a soldering iron to melt the edges off after you cut to length to prevent fraying. It's a pro-tip that you might not find anywhere. Saved me a ton of headaches and wasted material :)

jseaber   Oct 31, 2020  

Awesome! What's your typical current consumption when cruising? I've only managed 1.5mi on LiPos, and assumed 15-20A draws would be too much for VTC6s.

shaz   Nov 08, 2020 

Not at all actually, 1.5mi is very little I am assuming I am reading that correctly (mili-amps) I typically get anywhere from 5-10 continuous draw when I'm just cruising. Can go as high as upper 20's but I've never seen it go past that. I also make sure that I am using only 30A max draw Li-Ions as they are more suited for that type of draw. Granted, the flight characteristics are nothing like that of a LiPo. It's still great for cinematic/relaxed flying and you cant really beat the efficiency.

truog2003   Oct 25, 2020  

Awesome, I really liked this build, this frame must be great for cinematic footages!

shaz   Oct 26, 2020 

it's been awesome to fly anywhere haha. And extended flight time means for 4 packs i can cover well over an hour.

AndMiles2Go   Oct 24, 2020  

Love this build! I literally had to make an account on here to tell you how elegant it is! Recently built my first long range quad, but this has inspired me to build a more streamlined, lighter rig to complement my more utilitarian Pirx7. Do you happen to have any links to the 3dprints? Anyways, well done!

shaz   Oct 25, 2020 

Very kind of you! Glad I could be of inspiration :) I love this quad, I fly it all the time. Never gets old. I have made quite a few changes since then. I moved the VTX further up and GPS back. The tail-wind wasn't worth the 2cm gain. I also dropped the uFL > SMA and picked up a longer antenna that Jodie Froster below mentioned. Believe it or not I have way better reception. There's some juju that caddx has put in their antennas that seems to work quite well.

The 3D prints are laughable btw, I made them in TinkerCAD because I was too lazy to learn Fusion 360 and I just needed something quick. I am more than happy to share the STLs with you but I can't put them on thingiverse until I recreate them in Fusion.

I added photos but I don't think they are wanting to upload. Let me see if I can find a way to upload those stls for you. Probably GDRIVE.

shaz   Oct 19, 2020 

Jodie! you are a gem. thank you for that link. i just bought 4 of them! cant wait to try them out.

Jodie Froster   Oct 19, 2020  

FPVcycle has ol Kabobfpv's fouride that's got a long stalk/cable for the vista. I don't know how to get it on it's own, but i'm sure they will sell it to you

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