'The Golden Snitch' A 2.5" 2s 57g Naked Caddx Vista Toothpick

By Sub 250g FPV on Sep 12, 2020

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My latest Quad build is a 2s 2.5” Nano Quad ‘The Golden Snitch’

Basically a flying Naked Caddx Vista

I’ve been testing different motor options over the last few days and have one more test to try before I show you pictures and give you the details of this collaboration build

We’ve had high winds for the last few days, not ideal for testing a tiny quad like this

Stock BF 4.22 Tune



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seppli_fpv   Apr 07, 2022  

did you use the 8000 or the 10000 kv motors ?

Dom646464   Sep 01, 2021  

nice work there XO do you think it is possible to do this with two 18650 would like to build on similar

Inferno   Apr 01, 2021  

I love this quad. I would like to build my first quad on my own. I think it will be similar to this nice quad. :-)
Thank you

lgustol   Jan 16, 2021  

Would you use a 1303 motor with this frame?

Sub 250g FPV   Jan 21, 2021 

Yes but the secret of this build is the lightest components possible. I'm using a Amaxinno 1303 Motors on my next build a 3" Phantom ;-)

lgustol   Dec 19, 2020  

Incredible little quad. And I see some impressive weight savings.

What kind of battery connector is that? I thought these motors would draw about 5 amps each, so I thought you would need an XT30. Is this connector enough for the amp draw?

how did you fit a 20mm FC, did you drill holes in the frame?
Did you do any other modifications in the carbon fiber?

Did you custom make that blue antenna mount? What is it?

Sub 250g FPV   Dec 20, 2020 

The connector is a BetaFPV BT2.0
The board is only rated to 15a
Watch this video :- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtqeLDUJ0yk&t=3s
I have all the power I need with this connector on this setup ;-) do you see any Lag ?
I drilled 20x20 holes in the GepRC Phantom Bottom Plate
The Antenna mount is just a cable tie with a piece of shrink wrap
Its a cracking little quad to fly and I highly recommend you build one.

YorkyPoo   Sep 13, 2020  

love the name*

Sub 250g FPV   Sep 18, 2020 

Thank you, it ties in nicely with my logo ;-)

gtang224   Sep 16, 2020  

His is very nice. How long is the flight time?

Sub 250g FPV   Sep 18, 2020 

You can see what the flight time is fast cruising in this Video :- https://www.instagram.com/p/CFKLo0aHcrA/

MTopp   Sep 16, 2020  

Looks good, maybe a little more tuning and rpm filtering is enabled?

Sub 250g FPV   Sep 18, 2020 

This is the stock BF 4.2 Tune, and I've been having so much fun with it that for once I haven't even touched the tune ;-)

saahbs   Sep 13, 2020  

Nice build. I just tried same props on my 2s quad with 7500kv motors and noticed these are very efficient with tons of thrust low to mid-throttle, but at high throttle it doesn't see to provide thrust given high current draw. What kind of hover current do you get and max current? My 128g AUW 2s650 with 1104 7500KV motors draws 4.2A in hover and max 19A (but I limit throttle endpoint to 80%).

Sub 250g FPV   Sep 15, 2020 

I'm averaging 5 / 5.5 amps over a 4 minute Hard Rip ;-) I'll check the Hover and Max Amps and get back to you.

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