yeaH aniT - Inverted Diatone Hey Tina

By rsheldiii on Sep 07, 2020

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I bought this drone to be a step-up from the 1S whoops I was flying, and was never particularly impressed. For one thing, almost nobody makes 40mm 1.5mm props that work in pusher orientation - The ones linked below, for instance, do not. It sucked having to check clearance every time I lifted off, and if I was getting any performance gains it certainly didn't feel like it: I got ~2m flight time on a good day.

After a rather rough landing kicked a bunch of dirt into the motor bell I decided I didn't like pusher props anymore, and set about converting the Tina into a regular-style whoop

The changes are:

  1. Partially cut the prop guards and motor channel stay (hey, you have extras)
  2. Flipped the prop guards (obviously)
  3. Swapped the motors
  4. Desoldered the VTX and RX from their holder PCBs
  5. Mounted the VTX underneath the FC in a 3d printed holder
  6. Used the original undercarriage print to separate the RX from the FX

In addition to those changes, I did some QOL upgrades. I flashed JESC to all the ESCs and also upgraded to FPort on the R-XSR for telemetry. In order to do that, I needed to connect inverted SPort to the pin marked TBS on the wiring chart. FPort is a bidirectional protocol, and the inverter on the SPort pin on the FC is unidirectional, so you can't use that pin if you want to use FPort.

The benefits to this configuration are as follows:

  1. No pusher-prop! No checking clearances when taking off, no dirt stuck in your motor bells.
  2. I dropped 4g, which is nice
  3. The FC is now a little more protected (but the VTX a little less so)
  4. You can use any 40mm 1.5mm props, since you don't have to mount them upside-down
  5. Motors can be removed without soldering now - very helpful when replacing the props
  6. you can find many more aftermarket right-angle USB adapters that work now (like the one linked below) but do note that the original USB adapter will no longer work - it'll be obstructed by the duct
  7. I get ~3m flight time now

The kV on the motors is neither here nor there - I realized I wasn't going to run this in 3S so I wanted to see if I could feel the kV bump. I can't really - but I haven't been able to test it outside yet.


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DRONIANX   Feb 04, 2021  

Really great changes,
I got my frame from Diatone after almost one month waiting.
I am new in the hobby
I have a Mobula 6 hd (Converted in a V2 75mm and finally in a V3 75mm frame) a little bit heavy
I want to build the Hey Tina with
F7 AIO like the HIFIONRC F7 2-4S AIO
VTX DVR 1000 meters

just an idea

Reverse the props

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